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i haven't updated any of the book lists that i have in the sticky post in a long time, so i decided to do that today.

fiction books that i like

non-fiction books that i recommend

star trek books that i like

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sadly this is the last amelia peobody novel as elizabeth peters passed in aug. 2013. also sadly, ms. peters had only started writing the final page at the time of her passing, but left a lot of notes which joan hess used to complete the novel. i don't know if any were on the story or dialogue or just on the background (the discovery & disappearance of the famous bust of queen nefertiti)

i'm only part way though it, but it reads like fan fiction. not very good fan fic either. characters are out of character or almost parodies of themselves. there's a pack of assassins running around in almost comical fashion & the peabody/emerson clan's enemy sethos (mater criminal & master of disguise) seems almost shoehorned in. frankly, i'm not sure i really cared for the character anyway.
and now titles of previous amelia peabody novels are being randomly added to conversations for no goood reason other than this is the 20th novel in the series. it's kind of like when all of those nods to previous bond movies were in die another day for the franchise's 40th anniversary. i very nearly stopped reading it several pages back. but i will bravely plow though to the end.

i didn't notice a change to the avalon series by marion zimmer bradley after her passing. but maybe it's because; 1. diana l. paxson was her co-author on the last 3 before bradley passed. 2. i had not re-read the series at least twice like i have with the peabody series. 3. was not in the middle of yet another re-read of the series like i am with this one. 4. or a big fan of the avlaon series like i am with the peabody series.

tl;dr only read this novel if you want to complete the series. but it might disappoint fans of the amelia peabody novels.

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a really interesting book about the pirate turned pirate hunter who wasn't as ruthless or had as much treasure as people thought.

after his time as a pirate in the caribbean he settled in new york city, married a wealthy widow & became respectable. through a chance meeting he is commissioned by william III of england to capture pirates in the indian ocean. run-ins with the english navy, his crew not being paid because they can't find any pirates & crossing paths with his old shipmate (& mutineer ETA: against kidd) robert culliford lead to his eventual downfall.
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saw only one movie on DVD; the peanuts movie. i hate to use the word delightful, but it was. if you're a fan of the comics/cartoons you'll spot a boat-load of references.

in TV; the season finally of NCIS: new orleans was not a let-down really, but spoiler )

the new season of the amazing race started & ended while i was gone. it's been just so-so for a while, but yet i still watch.

in books; i haven't read many but the ones i liked are; Queen Victoria's Children by John Van der Kiste, Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality by Jacob Tomsky & The Spies of Warsaw by Alan Furst

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for a while now i've wanted to read a book on/about each of the US presidents. i had read a truman biography by david mccullough a few years ago & liked it. but had been not really "into" reading stuff about the rest of the presidents.

however, this year with my booklender (formally booksfree) want to read list getting shorter i decided to give it a go. the problem is that for the more obscure presidents they don't have anything if you just search by name, sometimes it was just a collection of speeches they did, & even with looking stuff up on amazon & then looking to see if they have it, i only have 15 titles so far.

that said, there are 3 US presidents i'm not interested in reading about (the best president ever reagan, bush sr. & jr.) so that is 3 less i have to look for.

i have the first one (about washington) on the to-be-shipped list but it's a "rare book" so it might be awhile before i get it.

and it might take me longer that a year to do this.

presidental books by number )
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found via [personal profile] sixbeforelunch

a small town school in California desperately needs books.
We need racially diverse books. We need graphic novels. We need women’s studies. We need science. We need series. We need film. We need comics. We need music. We need biographies of important people. Looking for Young Adult. Classics. We want zines! Contemporary. Poetry. Everything that would make a difference in a young person’s life. Writers send us YOUR BOOK. We have many non-readers who we’d love to turn on to reading. We need a way to take this tiny area and bring it into the 21st century. We have a whole bunch of kids who don’t like to read because all they’ve ever been given is things that are either dull , dated, or dumbed down.

The students who are excelling are doing so because they have supportive parents at home and access to books and tablets elsewhere. But most students are without.

So here’s what I’m asking. Will you donate a book? A real book. Something literary or fun—something that speaks to your truth, their truths. Something that teaches them something about the world. Makes them feel less alone?

they have an amazon wish-list too, if you want to go that route.

they've gotten a good response, but could probably use more things.

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1. Can you remember the first book you read?
no. but it was probably one of those little golden books. maybe even the poky little puppy.

2. What was the last book (electronic or otherwise) you read?
i'm currently reading the spy who loved: the secrets and lives of christine granville by clare mulley

3. Do you read for enjoyment, work or both?
i haven't read for "work" since the textbooks in high school.

4. What is your favorite genre of book to read?
mostly fiction, leaning towards historical fiction these days.

5. If you could visit your younger self, what book would you tell yourself to steer clear of?
everything on my books i do not recommend post.

see what other people said over at [community profile] thefridayfive
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found via [ profile] lovesthesmarty

Beginning right now, Star Trek fans can read one of more than 700 different books published in the universe of their favorite show, and then do the unthinkable: Read it on any device they want.

Peter David’s “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Siege” on the iPad? Check. “Star Trek: Distant Early Warning” in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers series from Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore on the Kindle? Check. Mel Gilden’s “Star Trek: The Starship Trap” on your laptop’s PDF reader? Check, check, and check.

Pocket Books and CBS Consumer Products is now offering many ebooks in its library free of digital rights management, or DRM. That means readers will have “unfettered access to their favorite Star Trek novels,” according to

more info here
you still have to buy them though. but most are under $3. it's almost enough to make me want to buy an e-reader or something.
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sadly, it's true

found via [ profile] medusasmirror 

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so here is six this time. this post has the details.

January 21: Your Most Prized Trek Item You Have and/or Would Like to Someday Have
can't think of one.

January 22: Favorite “Holy Sh*t!” and/or “Ah Ha!” Moment
picard as borg & riker giving the order to fire.

January 23: Favorite Awkward Moment
can't think of one.

January 24: Favorite Novel/Pocket Book, Comic Book, Comic Strip author or artist
don't know if i have a favorite, but if you look at this list of trek books that i like some names repeat.

January 25: What Character From Another Fandom Would You Like to See In Star Trek?
the SG-1 team. some sort of puddle jumper malfunction would probably get the story going, not sure what trek era they should end up in. my gut says TOS, either the series or movies.

January 26: What Novel/Pocket Book, Comic Book or FanFiction Would You Have as Canon?
spock's world by diane duane
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Looking back at 2015!

1. Favorite TV show:

2. Favorite Movie:
i didn't watch any new movies this year

3. Favorite Book:
the crimson crown seven realms novel by cinda williams chima. it's the last part of a series that i loved from start to finish.

4. Favorite Video:
WALK THE MOON - Shut Up and Dance (Movie dance compilation) by MsTabularasa

5. Favorite "Current Event":
probably Pope Frances visiting the US.
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i found it via [ profile] captainofthenx02 where every day in january is a different topic. well, i'm no good at posting stuff like this daily so i'll do a couple when i remember now & then. see this post for the topics & consider posting your own answers on the journal site of your choice.

January 1: Favorite Trek Series (Television, Motion Film)
i guess they mean pick from either one? it's hard because i go back & forth on this, but if i have to pick i'd say probably VOY.

January 2: Favorite Novel/Pocket Book and/or Comic book and/or Comic strip and/or FanFiction
there's several that i like but i think i have to pick spock's world by diane duane. i was one of the first trek novels that i read & from what i recall of it, it was a great look at the (possible) history of a fictional planet. see this post on other trek novels i like.
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1. What was your favorite book during childhood?
i don't recall.

2. What is your favorite book now?
i don't have one that's my favorite, but there are several that i like. check out this post for links.

3. What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book?
possibly gone with the wind

4. Do you prefer checking out books from the library or buying them?
buying for the most part. although i rent from more than i buy these days

5. Have you ever been let down by a book that was highly recommended to you?
i don't think that anyone has "highly recommended" a book, but i've been let down by books that seemed more interesting from the blurb on the back than they actually were. (see the link in answer #2 for a link to some of those)

see what others said over here at [community profile] thefridayfive 

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its the book the movie was based on. i really wanted to see the move, but couldn't get past my dislike of movies with george clooney and/or matt damon.
a note about the movie: among those leaked e-mails from sony studios was one from clooney (who directed as well as acted) apologizing for the movie not doing very well. my brother saw it on one of those "entertainment news" shows where they tried to make it seem like it was a bad thing, but my brother said: "if anything, it makes him seem like an even nicer guy than you hear about. that whole "gentleman george" thing,"

the book was interesting, if long & is one of those forgotten stories of world war 2 that more people should know about it. to that end, they have an official site about the real men (& women) behind the story. and there's a monuments men foundation to help preserve art that is in danger from armed conflicts today. they are also looking for info on missing cultural objects from WW2 & other wars.

i've read several books about little known or forgotten people & stories of WW2 & am convinced that if a movie studio just did movies about them, they could put out movies for at least a decade.

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found via [ profile] beggars-opera there are 40,so give me a couple of numbers, if you want & i'll give you an answer.

the list of questions )

just read

Jul. 19th, 2015 07:05 pm
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....shatner rules: your guide to understanding the shatnerverse and the world at large by william shatner with chris regan and found out some interesting things;
  • that "william shatner" or just "shatner" is different than bill shatner. the first is a loud, egotistical over actor & the second is calmer, kinder & just wants to spend time with his horses, dogs, wife, children & grand-children. not necessarily in that order.
  • he is tired of people yelling "beam me up scotty!" at him.
  • he started to take star trek more seriously when he saw that patrick stewart did.
  • he really doesn't understand why the rest of the cast (other than nimoy & kelly) hate(d) him so much. they accused him of stealing the spotlight, but he says that every series has a star & that star naturally gets to be center stage.
  • he was a vegetarian for a brief time.
  • he regrets doing the comedy central roast.
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thanks to[personal profile] zats_clear  i now have a dreamwidth journal! may you always have pictures to caption & the inspiration to caption them. (to explain: she used to post screnecaps of SG-1 episodes with captions)

about me & this blog )

about the avatars/icons )

is it your birthday? if it is, i've most likely forgot it. sorry. if you or someone has made an entry on it i'll express my wishes for a good day there. if not, here they are now!
happy birthday, joyeux anniversaire, buon compleanno, plurimos annos, feliz aniversário, feliz cumpleaños, С Днем Рождения, födelsedagen, breithlá sona. that should cover it

also some links that i find interesting

fiction books that i like
nonfiction books i recommend
star trek books that i like
books that i do not recommend
links for writers of fan fiction & original fic.
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every time it rains here we get a lot of slugs. if i could open a ferengi snack bar i'd make a fortune .

the star trek novel universe is so much more diverse than the shows, but of course you can describe just about anything in print & it's cheaper than make-up or special effects. of course the shows had the horta, excalbians, sheliak & the aliens in encounter at farpoint.
the novels had beings that were mostly tentacles. everyone wondered if they had teeth & found out for sure when the ship was invaded by hostiles & it bit one. the giant slug species that sits in saucer-shaped chairs, but because of their slime, always get stuck in them. the first of the species to become captain said she only did so so she could a fancy chair that was cloth-lined. the six-legged rino sized ones, that i hink were the same ones that rarely hurried because they lived for 500 years, so what's the rush? the federation is not, as azetbur said in star trek: 6, "a homo sapiens only club."

in non-trek thoughts: in NCIS: NOLA ATF agent percy (is she going to be a regular next season?) commented that they have a lot perrier in the refrigerator at their headquarters. so i was wondering: who's responsible for having it? my first thought was brody, it's hinted that she comes from money (possibly old money). then i thought maybe it's pride's, he something of a food aficionado, so that wold fit. unless the writers throw a curve-ball & make it lasalle's who developed a taste for it because a woman he was dating had lousy tap water (it was ok to cook & wash with, but had a chlorine taste) & that's what she had to drink.

and since the new orleans NCIS office handles cases from the mississippi river to the texas panhandle, are they ever going to have a case outside of their "backyard" of NOLA?

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in the format of your choosing
TL;DR: read what you want. Don’t be ashamed. Never let someone try to make you feel bad for how or what you read and enjoy. Tell them that I, your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian have absolved you from your guilt and have given you special blessings. Go forth and read, my child.

found via [ profile] gothiccharmschool
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found via [ profile] wilwheaton who got it from [ profile] eternal-books 

It doesn’t matter how many books you read.
It doesn’t matter how many books others read.
Don’t worry too much about your reading goal.
Don’t judge others on their preferences.
Nobody likes book snobs.
Don’t worry about how many books you own.
Don’t force yourself to read books.
You can put a book down if you aren’t enjoying it.
Life’s too short to read books you don’t like.
You are allowed to reread books as many times as you want.
Ebooks are books and they’re great.
Audio books are books and they’re great.
Physical books are great too.
You are still valid. You are still a reader. It literally doesn’t matter how or what you read.
Don’t worry about what everyone else is reading.
Don’t worry about other opinions.
Read what you want.

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