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steven weber voice a character on the batman animated series that was similar to who he plays on NCIS: NOLA, hamilition, and some what similar to the character he played on star trek: deep space nine.

we are done with batman: TAS now. except for some animated movies, which i think we've seen already.

for some reason my brother & i have been on an ice cream kick, mostly been and jerry's & some hagaan dazs. i my gain back most, if not all of the weight i lost because of the gallbladder thing.

ice cream in cooler weather )

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well first; we are at the point with it became part of the batman/superman hour on the kids WB & changed animation style. (which i don't like) apparently it was to match the new animated superman series in case of a cross-over. why superman couldn't match batman (which came first) is beyond me. and even though it was under a different name at this point, i'm still calling it batman: TAS for the tag.

second; in the mr. freeze episode of the new-look series, he has female henchmen (for lack of a better term) who are dressed for the cold, naturally, with parkas & boots but no pants! i guess it's that comic book fashion.

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with ra's al ghul often mentioning that he's lived for over 600 years you could have an animated series called the lives of ra's al ghul. 

most episodes could start with some situation that reminds him of something in the past & the flashback starts with him narrating. maybe the overall series plot could be him searching for some artifact he had but somehow lost or stolen from him. with an occasional appearance by batman.
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in a previous post i mentioned that several star trek people provided voices for batman: TAS. in another trek/batman: tas connection, one of the episodes we viewed tonight, the strange secrete of bruce wayne, was written by judith & garfield reeves-stevens .

they wrote several star trek novels, including the "shatnerverse" novels with william shatner. they were also brought in during ENT's last season to try to revitalize the series.
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saw the 2-part episode that introduces catwoman & a few thoughts come to mind.  where does she keep those cat-shaped spike things to deter the bad guy following her? not to mention the camera she was taking pictures of the evidence with? or the necklace she stole earlier? it might be a case of what tv tropes calls victoria's secret compartment (a.k.a her bra)

then in another 2-part episode we get introduced to clayface (look him up for the back story) in short; due to some evildoing he's like a 7 foot tall man made of clay who can manipulate himself into various shapes, including humans than can pass inspection as such. so of course he can turn his hands into weapons to fight batman, including a mace & a block of "bricks" but what's really odd is he can make metal ones too. like big metal claws or an axe. and when he is in a human form, he can create realistic clothes & hair. and he can throw off parts of his clay to trap or deter anyone after him. like my brother said: "doesn't he miss those parts of himself?" he propels giant globs of his clay at batman, but doesn't get smaller. does he regenerate the clay?

it's possible that i'm looking for logic where none exists.
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still doing the batman: the animated series re-watch & just saw the episode that introduces the character poison ivy (a.k.a dr. pamela lillian isley) and i can't figure out if she's an extreme environmentalist or some nut who thinks that plants are better than people. and sometimes when i think about the character, i think about the song poison ivy by the coasters.

as for the plant (poison oak & poison sumac too), it's becoming stronger than it has been thanks to climate change.
Poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac plants are becoming larger and stronger, a trend that's been developing over recent years, according to researchers. That may be a combination of the plant's nature to cause more severe reactions over time and the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as a result of global warming.

and the oil can stay on clothes & lawn equipment for 5 years!
apparently the best way to get rid of it it, if you don't want to dump a bunch of herbicide on it,  is to get (or even rent) a few goats, they love the stuff. although, they just eat the plant, the roots are still there & will grow again so if you rent, you'll have to do it more than once for them to eat the leaves off often enough so the roots have no energy to grow again.
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my brother & i just started re-watching this on disk from netflix. i know i watched it whe if first aired in the 1990s, but i don't know if i watched from the beginning. so far it's as awesome as i remember with the danny elfman theme, mark hamill chewing on the scenery with just his voice as the joker, arleen sorkin as the crazy match to the joker with harley quinn (and is the reason harley quinn is now part of the comic universe) & the 1930s/modern style.

however, they're on the disk in production order, not by air date so there's some of what TV tropes calls early installment weirdness. alfred is not voiced by efrem zimbalist Jr. (who's possibly my favorite alfred, tied with michael gough from the movies of the 1990s/2000s) and at times it seems like kevin conroy is doing the "batman voice" when he should be doing the "bruce wayne voice" but it's all good

there are ever a few star trek people who voiced some major, & minor, characters for this. see the cast & crew list for more details.

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