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aren't you glad? stuff explained at this post.

January 27: What Episode/Film Gave You Nightmares/Scared You? Why?
TNG's Genesis is freaky. why was it necessary for barclay to become spider-like? and a warning: if you look up the episode at memory alpha, there's a picture of him doing that as the main picture.

January 28: Favorite Bridge or Command Center
i don't think i have one. ENT's is kind of nice.

January 29: Favorite Quote/Line
so many but i like reed's lie of: "I've invested FAR too much time trying to figure you out, Mr. Tucker... I'm not about to accept that it was all for nothing." in the episode shuttle pod one.

January 30: One Episode/Movie You Would Watch With a Non-trekkie to Show Them the Awesomeness of Star Trek
most point to the fourth movie, and i agree.

January 31: Which Character do you Relate to the Most? Why?
i don't really relate to anyone in these things.

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so here is six this time. this post has the details.

January 21: Your Most Prized Trek Item You Have and/or Would Like to Someday Have
can't think of one.

January 22: Favorite “Holy Sh*t!” and/or “Ah Ha!” Moment
picard as borg & riker giving the order to fire.

January 23: Favorite Awkward Moment
can't think of one.

January 24: Favorite Novel/Pocket Book, Comic Book, Comic Strip author or artist
don't know if i have a favorite, but if you look at this list of trek books that i like some names repeat.

January 25: What Character From Another Fandom Would You Like to See In Star Trek?
the SG-1 team. some sort of puddle jumper malfunction would probably get the story going, not sure what trek era they should end up in. my gut says TOS, either the series or movies.

January 26: What Novel/Pocket Book, Comic Book or FanFiction Would You Have as Canon?
spock's world by diane duane
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so you get four in this entry. look here for details on this

January 17: Favorite Starfleet Command Character

;ole an admiral? probably admiral forrest

January 18: Favorite Alien Food Delicacy and/or Favorite Beverage
pipius claw (klingon)& jimbalian fudge cake (talaxian)

January 19: Favorite Sport, Game or Workout Routine Shown/Discussed
mok'bara, a klingon form of martial arts

January 20: Favorite Showing of the Arts or Culture
can't think of any
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this post explains stuff

January 15: Most Changed Character Over The Series or Film
tom paris. from ex-con to respected bridge officer & family man.

January 16: Scariest or Favorite Villain or Species
the vidiians were pretty creepy.
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this post has the explanation

January 13: Favorite Story Arc and/or Favorite Mirror Universe or Similar

the original mirror universe is the best. IMHO

January 14: Most awkward Pairing/Relationship
the troi/worf one never made much sense to me. apparently even the actors were against it. bonus answers: the WTF?! right out of left field of chakotay/seven & the hinted at uhura/scotty.
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look over here for what is going on

January 11: Favorite Background Story for a Character
probably worf's backstory. orphaned & raised by humans & dealing with being so different. also the whole thing with his father & the duras family.

January 12: Favorite Relationship and/or Friendship (Canon or Non Canon)
i think the o'brien & bashir friendship. in second is the (should've been explored more) odd couple of tucker & reed.
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see this post for what's going on

January 9: Favorite Time Travel Story
it probably has to be the ST: IV time travel story

January 10: Most Compelling Social Issue
i don't know about "compelling" but the "keeping both sides in an armed conflict even with weapons" in a private little war is an interesting "thorny" issue.
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see an earlier post for the explanation

January 7: What Guest Star (or Minor Character) Would You Have Wanted to See More Of?
i think robin lefler on TNG

January 8: Favorite Opening Credits (Motion Film or Television)
the opening of VOY, with the ship going past various space things & going though that one planet's rings.
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see earlier post for the explanation

January 5: Favorite Holodeck and/or Shore Leave/Recreation Story
picard's dixon hill holodeck stories. they missed a great opportunity to have guinan go into a story with picard in the episode clues, but some other plot was going on.

January 6: Favorite Pet
data's cat spot
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see the explanation in an earlier post

January 3: Favorite Musical Score and/or Trek Composer (Motion Film, Episode or Overall Series)
you can't go wrong with the trek movie theme that was later used for TNG. IMHO.

January 4: Favorite Command Team Relationship/ CO XO Dynamic
have to go with the team of kirk & spock.
something i didn't realize until this question came up. but except for TNG, all of the treks have had a human captain & an alien first officer/second-in-command/XO.
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i found it via [ profile] captainofthenx02 where every day in january is a different topic. well, i'm no good at posting stuff like this daily so i'll do a couple when i remember now & then. see this post for the topics & consider posting your own answers on the journal site of your choice.

January 1: Favorite Trek Series (Television, Motion Film)
i guess they mean pick from either one? it's hard because i go back & forth on this, but if i have to pick i'd say probably VOY.

January 2: Favorite Novel/Pocket Book and/or Comic book and/or Comic strip and/or FanFiction
there's several that i like but i think i have to pick spock's world by diane duane. i was one of the first trek novels that i read & from what i recall of it, it was a great look at the (possible) history of a fictional planet. see this post on other trek novels i like.
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[personal profile] smallwolf posted this in [community profile] startrek it's susposed to be 1 every day for 29 days, but i'd never remember to to that so you get all of them at once.

the questions )
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from [ profile] hoperomantic

1. firefly
i couldn't get into it when it was on the air. maybe because it wasn't shown in order. but saw it on & now i wonder how it would've gone.

2. star trek: enterprise
sure we got 4 years, but since the other modern treks went for 7, if feels like something is missing.

3. the sarah connor chronicles
very interesting tie-in to the terminator movies, IMHO. FUX dropped this before the most recent movie, brilliant.

4. john doe
a man wakes up in a forest, naked, with no memories but brain full of general knowledge. who he is & what the hell is going on was an interesting idea, but it became another FUX victim.

5. nowhere man
a photographer's whole life goes up in smoke. his friends, family & co-workers claim not to know him. he no longer exists "on paper." did he take a picture of something that he wasn't supposed to? a victim of UPN restructuring during it's first year.

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another one from [ profile] hoperomantic  who took it from [ profile] havocthecat 

answer the questions with the title of tv episodes, in this case stargate: sg-1, but you can pick whatever series you want

my life )
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from [personal profile] havocthecat

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some tv show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

one version of this meme has people making up spin-offs for current series.
my suggestion for this meme; invent a tv movie or mini-series following the same guidelines

some can be found in this post at [personal profile] havocthecat 's DW journal. others at the delicious account of [personal profile] esther_asphodel

no assignments for me. i always have odd stuff floating around in my head & when i saw this i knew i had to do it.
rather hard not to cast this with all star trek people though.

this is a tv movie.

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taken from [ profile] hoperomantic , who took it from [ profile] anadxof . both of LJ.

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!

1. stargate:sg-1
2. star trek: voyager
3. xena
4. friends
5. the amazing race

on to the questions )
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taken from [ profile] hoperomantic  of LJ.

list 6 ships that you love, 3 you like, 3 that you never liked & 2 that piqued your interest. then answer the questions. don't look at the questions first.

6 i love;

#1. riker/troi (ST:TNG)
#2. sam/jack (stargate:SG-1)
#3. xena/hercules (hercules: the legendary journeys & xena: warrior princess)
#4. ross/rachel (friends)
#5. picard/dr. crusher (ST:TNG)
#6. janeway/chachoty (ST: VOY)

3 i like:

#7. bashir/jadzia dax(ST: DS9)
#8. gabrielle/iolaus (hercules: the legendary journeys & xena: warrior princess)
#9. joey/phoebe (friends)

3 i never liked;

#10. spike/buffy (buffy; the vampire slayer)
#11. paris/torres (ST: VOY)
#12. daniel/vala (stargate:SG-1)

2 that piqued my interest

#13. trip/hoshi (ST: ENT)
#14. chandler/monica (friends)

play 20 questions )

TV meme

Nov. 7th, 2009 06:10 pm
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taken from [ profile] magnavox_23 , who took it from [ profile] downfall35 , who got it from [ profile] scarletfbl , who copied [ profile] corbyinoz , who took it from [ profile] gillianinoz  (that's as far as the trail goes back). all are from LJ.

the long list of questions  )

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