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doing another re-watch of the classic cartoon. we tried to do one before by renting the disks, but i think netflix dropped then or didn't have all of them, so now we're doing in on netflix streaming. some thoughts;

the animation on some episodes is messed up due to the fact that they sent stuff to japan.

j. michael straczynski wrote a lot of episodes. including what many consider the worst/weirdest episode about a man that lives near a chicken restaurant, is driven mad by the smell & then summons a demon to rid the world of chickens.
my brother said the trivia said the producers were concerned with his mental health after reading the script. but like my brother said: "who's crazier, the guy who wrote it? or the people who approved it?"

david gerrold (writer of the star trek: tos episode the trouble with tribbles) wrote an episode. interestingly enough the one he wrote deals with the trouble a creature that multiplies can cause.

there was no pilot, not really. the "pilot" was animated music video of the characters, more or less how they ended up looking on the show, set to the ghostbusters theme song. the full lenght too, not the shorter one used for the opening of the animated series.

* i feel this should be the subtitle of the 1984 movie. that thing that come out last year should not share the same name, IMHO. instead of a re-boot they should of did a continuation. one of the women wins a mega-jackpot lottery, buys a ghostbusters franchise, maybe in los angeles, & they go from there. the guys could of done cameos as their character, except for harold ramis (r.i.p) & then gone on that way
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we got playstation vue not long ago which allows you to watch TV stations & some on demand things (including cable stuff) through a PS4 or your playstation account on your computer or other device. we got the basic package, but we've found enough interesting things.

one of those is ghost adventures on the travel channel(i once came up with a drinking game for that), which we've set up to record to a DVR-type thing. however, it doesn't always behave properly. we've had trouble with 5 or 6 episodes now. mostly they don't play, one will start back at the beginning after several moments, one would jump to the end if you tried to fast forward or rewind and one just stopped working in the middle of the episode.

we haven't had trouble with anything else we've DVRed; dirty jobs, the match game, river monsters or celebrity name game.

i'm not saying it's ghosts, but maybe it's ghosts.

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saw only one movie on DVD; the peanuts movie. i hate to use the word delightful, but it was. if you're a fan of the comics/cartoons you'll spot a boat-load of references.

in TV; the season finally of NCIS: new orleans was not a let-down really, but spoiler )

the new season of the amazing race started & ended while i was gone. it's been just so-so for a while, but yet i still watch.

in books; i haven't read many but the ones i liked are; Queen Victoria's Children by John Van der Kiste, Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality by Jacob Tomsky & The Spies of Warsaw by Alan Furst

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as part of the disaster that took over my life not only did my brother & i loose the internet, but we had to move. it's a small place in a village, which means neighbors. something we've never really dealt with before. we've always lived out in the country where the closest neighbor was at least a half a football field (american football that is) lengthen away. now the closest one is a literal stone's throw away. we also have to pay rent, a new experience as well.
there's no smoking, drugs or loud parties (not that we did that anyway) & all kids under 18 have to be home by 10 pm. there are also "quiet hours" between 10 pm & 7 am. which puts some restriction on late-night wal-mart shopping.

we have internet, which is good & crap tv reception, which is bad. so i can't see my precious NCIS: new orleans "live" & have to catch it on (which put the 3 i missed in jan. behind a paywall. bastards) & we were getting something called cozi tv which had quantum leap episodes (30-something scott bakula at his finest) but we're putting it on the netflix DVD list. they don't have it on streaming.
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the amazing race still doesn't have an air date. CBS usually as two a year, one in the spring & one in the fall. but because the network picked up full seasons of a couple of shows, i guess there's no room on the schedule.

'The Amazing Race,' Season 29 can get delayed further as CBS might be thinking of stretching the show into 2017, reports Enstarz. According to the news outlet, the wait is surely going to be unbearable for the fans but it may not be that bad too. CBS has not made any announcement regarding the return of Season 29 despite the fact that it has been completely filmed and is ready to air. The Fall TV lineup of the network did not mention anything about the show and it does not look like any announcement will be made in near future.

more here at headlines & global news

they should air it sooner, rather than later if for no other reason than to annoy d*nald t*rump because TAR kept winning emmys when his reality show didn't.
His claims that the Emmys were rigged against his show The Apprentice came back to haunt him during the third and final presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, when his claims the election is rigged were brought up, and she used his comments about the Emmys being rigged against him-and in favor of The Amazing Race, which has won 10 Emmys-to prove it was his way of thinking when things didn't go his way.

more here at enstars

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third verse, same as the first: i don't really care for the new woman.

might have disliked her a smidgen less after this week's episode. i read somewhere that in the sixth episode their going to reveal a more vulnerable side to the character & that will all magically make us like her. *gag*

it doesn't matter one bit if the viewers start to like her, if the rating keep going down like they are this is the end of the series.

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the rating are down. that is thought to be the result of brody being written out & gary glassberg's passing just last month.
After his death, another blow came to the show with the departure of Zoe McLellan‘s departure from the show, which further affected the show’s ratings. From its 11 to 12 million viewers during its premiere episode for season 3, the ratings are going downhill from there. Although the second episode rating showed some improvements, it is still low compared to what the show has been expecting.

The show has to find something to renew the interest of its viewers. Something that will take their minds away from the recent developments happening in the show. If such performance continues, there is a possibility that this could be the show’s last season.

and it doesn't help that stupid CBS moved it to 10 pm on tuesdays in favor of that stupid bull show.

also brody's replacement seems to have a hard time fitting in. the actress as well as the character.
Vanessa Ferlito, on the other hand, said in a report that she might find it a real struggle to fit in the big shoes of McLellan’s character. Furthermore she said that it is a “New Orleans thing” which means that they are “territorial.” The new cast member added that this is the gang’s place and that they are proud of New Orleans. She even described the city as a “tight-knit community.”

come on people! i'm not happy with this change, but i want to have scott bakula on my tv on a regular basis. *sigh* maybe those goofy cult of scott bakula people are right & his career did die for our sins.

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no reason why i'm posting these, but then i probably don't need a reason.

"a conversation with scott bakula" a nerd HQ 2016 (some thing zachary levi from chuck does)

scott on CBS sunday morning talking about NCIS: NOLA

scott at the 50th anniversary trek creation con in vegas

he sang just a little bit of a song from hamilton & if i didn't internally squee, i certainly squeaked because just a couple of days ago i posted a thing about a NCIS: NOLA/hamilton fusion.

he mentioned that if ENT had gone on longer the might have been a musical episode. so now, there needs to be a musical episode of NCIS: NOLA

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got if from [ profile] kradical who got it from someone on facebook

the Q & A here )
archersangel: i made this at iconmagic (trek)

On the same day CBS went on the defensive about the lack of diversity on its fall schedule, "Star Trek: Discovery" executive producer Bryan Fuller made clear that his new series will not have that problem.
Fuller announced Wednesday that the new show will feature a female lead character and honor the franchise's history of inclusion.

"'Star Trek' started with a wonderful expression of diversity in its cast. You had a Russian with a black woman and an Asian man amongst a Vulcan, which is a different kind of diversity," Fuller told reporters at a panel for the show at the Television Critics Association press tour. "We're absolutely continuing that tradition."
Fuller also said the new series will "absolutely" have a gay character.

read more here

and has more details

still not sure if i will watch though.
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thanks to [personal profile] magnavox_23 for the info

MacGruber has come and gone, Mythbusters is winding down its final season, but as these MacGyver proteges pass away, the original is coming back. EW has confirmed that in a meeting with analysts Friday morning, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer announced the studio is developing a film reboot of the classic TV show.

“I’m also pleased to announce this morning that we’ve joined with our friends at CBS on a development deal to re-envision the MacGyver franchise in film and television, with CBS taking the lead on the TV show and Lionsgate taking the lead on the film,” Feltheimer said.

read more here

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master list is over here at [personal profile] fv_poster warnings & such on on each post. although some of the warnings got deleted by a glitch, so You should treat those as “prefer not to warn” until they get it sorted out.

the ones i liked;

bedknobs & broomsticks (take it off)
empire (monster)
heathers (don't try suicide)
lethal weapon series (odds are)

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Looking back at 2015!

1. Favorite TV show:

2. Favorite Movie:
i didn't watch any new movies this year

3. Favorite Book:
the crimson crown seven realms novel by cinda williams chima. it's the last part of a series that i loved from start to finish.

4. Favorite Video:
WALK THE MOON - Shut Up and Dance (Movie dance compilation) by MsTabularasa

5. Favorite "Current Event":
probably Pope Frances visiting the US.
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when the show comes back from "winter hiatus" on Jan. 5 it will have a 2-hour "cross-over event" with NCIS.

i think it's called sister city & it starts with NCIS which airs before NCIS: NOLA. so if you don't watch one of the series, you have to make plans to watch both to get the full story.
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a few year back i posted about ABC looking to do a live-action star wars series in the wake of disney buying lucasfilm. well it looks like some insiders are not closing the door on that yet.

I talked to Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy over the weekend at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens press junket, the full interview will hit the site later in the week. During my chat I learned that the company is still spending a lot of time looking, discussing and developing two of the most notorious left-over projects from the George Lucas era: the live-action Star Wars TV show Star Wars: Underworld and the Star Wars 1313 video game. Could either of these thought to have been abandoned projects find new light in the Disney era? Find out after the jump.

read more over here

cross-posting to [community profile] geekgirls
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or my weird brain strikes again.

i often have crazy ideas for fan vids when i listen to certain songs.
note: all of these are available for “adoption.” credit for the idea (and a link to the finished product) would be nice. also, if you know know of any vids already done like this please let me know in the comments.

specific ideas

tik tok by kesha an all star trek (not the new stuff) or stargate: sg-1 vid would work with this. also could an NCIS: NOLA vid. i think i saw a short sg-1 vid done to this.

blow by kesha, we r we r are by kesha, last friday night by katy perry for an all trek (not the new stuff) or stargate: sg-1 vid

i wish i was james bond by scouting for girls NCIS: NOLA. agent pride wishes he was bond. use could be made of clips of past scott bakula roles with bond stuff like women & guns.

high school never ends by bowling for soup an all trek vid (not the new stuff)

we are never getting back together by taylor swift an sg-1 one. jack & sam break up. again. he wants to get back together, she doesn’t.

E.T. by katy perry (without the kanye west part) an all trek vid (not the new stuff) human/alien love. i suggest starting with the “i’ve always wanted to make love with an alien.” scene from first contact (the TNG episode) and end with the mess hall/"how you would endure" scene from a matter of honor (TNG) as is without the suggested music playing over them.

the full version of the song used for the cheer's theme NCIS: NOLA or star trek: DS9, because everyone goes to quark's bar.

flash gordon by queen star trek: voyager, the captain proton episodes are tailor made for this.

a golden girls vid set to you got a friend in me by randy newman

less specific ideas

a series of vids with the star trek series as if they were big screen comedy movies, like stargate: sg-1 [the movie] theatrical trailer by doubletreble1518

some sort of mash up vid with stargate: sg1, star trek (not the new stuff) or NCIS: NOLA with the audio for a movie trailer like the Stargate: Inception Trailer [HD] by doubletreble1518

something for the quest (2014) maybe with the the pirate of the caribbean theme.

some sort of ghost adventures vid. don’t know what song would be good. ghostbusters seems like an obvious choice, but not quite right IMHO. beside, i try to avoid going for the obvious.
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spoiler! )

and they have to have another scene with some ford product racing around to show how awesome ford autos are. it's the same thing on the amazing race, every seasons for the past few years has had them drive a ford at some point. they even had them hook-up a big pick-up to a bolder to pull it away to reveal a clue. the whole time they were raving over how well it did the job. i rolled my eyes so hard at that.

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(i don't think i did this before.)

here are some random links i've found over the years that could be of interest to a fic writer.

seventh sanctum is a "generator" site for names of places, things & people. need a name for an alien race? a dragon? a weapon? a sci-fi government? currency? a tavern? tarot cards? and if you don't like what is generated, you can try again for 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 suggestions. best for fantasy, sci-fi & anime stories.

fantasy name generator like it says it's a generator for names of fantasy characters & place names too. some "real" names can be generated as well. but since the name order is random, you sometimes get a name that only sounds (or looks like) they would fit for a real-world character. especially the ancient roman names.

internet movie firearms database want to know what gun(s) the main guy(s) in a movie or tv show use? the the bad guy(s)? what gun the third thug from the left had? or what guns were in the display case in the background? they even cover stuff like RPGs & mortars and if the gun is a real thing or something they modified for the cool factor. you can even search by actor to see what weapons they used in various shows & movies. they cover anime too.

fic writer's guide to firearms by [ profile] chn_breathmint covers gun safety, clips vs. magazines, types of ammo, types of guns & even what happens when a person is shot. it's in four parts with a link to each part at the bottom of the one before. focuses on the movie inception, but the gun info is mostly universal.

fanfiction header builder want an easier way to make the header for your story? just click the boxes for title, author, word count & even multi part stories, notes and warnings. copy & past the code generated and fill in the info.

american vs. british english showing the differences in slang & spelling of over 100 words & phrases

the hemingway app "it's like a spellchecker, but for style."

victorian & steampunk name generator
stuck for a name for your victoriaian, steampunk or neo-victorian character? gives you 1-15 choices for male or female & various social classes. you can even check an option for extended fancy-sounding names.

height comparisons if you wonder what 6 foot 2 vs 5 foot 5 looks like

info on WW2 everything you wanted to know about the war and what was going on at home & then some. (there are no links, i guess you google what's listed)

info on the victorian years everything thing you wanted to know about that era. (there are no links, i guess you google what's listed)

body language cheat sheet for writers

character sheet for lazy writers

overlooked world-building questions

the language of flowers & plants

links to finding the word when you only know the definition, when you can only recall part of it's spelling/definition, a rhyming word & synonyms/antonyms

a different version of the lazy writer's character sheet with more categories

NASA has a list of terms for the sci-fi writer

tips for writing action or fight scenes

romance: avoiding the cheesy stuff

ways to un-stick a stuck story

prompt generator with AU ideas, sentence/dialogue prompts, movie/show/book AUs, setting AUs, profession AUs, relationship and theme ideas. you can reshuffle each category or refresh the whole page

info on illegal/black market stuff, information regarding the criminal underworld. the information you will find there has been taken from newspapers and police reports.

words to replace said. grouped by attitude.

another type of character sheet. with places for favorite/least favorite things, family relationships, habits, background & goals.

how far can one realistically travel in a day. examples for walking, horse riding, various forms of sea travel & even message by pigeon.

if you want to understand that whole first cousin once removed & second cousin thing, there's a chart.

a list of links of posts on how to write POC without offending anyone

ambient sounds for writers i don't know if it's to get you in the mood to write or if you want to describe what a location sounds like.

updated 7-24-17
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i'm a bit late to this because of RL problems, but i'm on it now.

the master list is here at [personal profile] fv_poster warings & such are at each post.

and here are the ones i liked

men in black series (small town moon)

michael palin travel shows (flash, ban, wallop)

my cat from hell (the mean kitty song)

twister (eye of the tiger)

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