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for the film's 35th anniversary it's getting a directors cut treatment. check out the fathom events site for a location near you.

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saw only one movie on DVD; the peanuts movie. i hate to use the word delightful, but it was. if you're a fan of the comics/cartoons you'll spot a boat-load of references.

in TV; the season finally of NCIS: new orleans was not a let-down really, but spoiler )

the new season of the amazing race started & ended while i was gone. it's been just so-so for a while, but yet i still watch.

in books; i haven't read many but the ones i liked are; Queen Victoria's Children by John Van der Kiste, Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality by Jacob Tomsky & The Spies of Warsaw by Alan Furst

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got if from [ profile] kradical who got it from someone on facebook

the Q & A here )
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watched back to the future for like the 50th time last night & something occurred to me. people on-line wonder why marty's parents didn't recognize him as the guy that helped them get together. well, by the time he started looking like he did at 17 nearly 30 years had gone by & memory plays tricks on you.
lorraine remembers calvin/marty as being like some movie star. taller with wavy dark hair & brilliant blue eyes.
george remembers him as being a bit of nerd. shorter with mousy brown hair and either green or hazel eyes.
sometimes they recognize a gesture or tone of voice of marty's, but just chalk that up to some sort of family resemblance.

marty not only has to deal with change in the town (twin pines mall becoming lone pine mall for example) but changes in his family. his brother dave works in some sort of office & his sister linda works in a boutique. marty's wanting to be a rock star is somewhat of a disappointment, but his parents figure if it makes him happy they'll support him.
and other things like he remembers that the clown that came for his brother's 9th birthday was drunk. but now the event was a magician who's exploding smoke effect scared one of the girls at the party so much that she cried.
marty remembers that the summer he turned 12 the family went on a camping trip & they all got food poisoning from a roadside food stand. but now the event is that they went to disneyland, but it rained most of the time they were there.
even his meeting of jennifer is different. instead of meeting during the first day of high school when the strap of her hand-me-down book-bag broke in front of him, the event is now that they met a week later when she tripped & dropped her lunch tray by his table in the cafeteria.

marty learns very quickly not to bring up past memories beyond the day he came back to his own time. if anyone starts reminiscing he waits to see if it matches with what he recalls before joining in, if it doesn't he kind of nods along & pretends that he remembers the same.
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i previously mentioned that MGM gave the green light to the new movies. well, now it's official they will start all over again.
“It’s not a story that can take place 20 years later. So the only way to really tell that trilogy is to go back from the beginning and start the story all over again,” Devlin says.

and there's this brilliant move;
In the company’s discussions about revitalizing “Stargate,” Glickman says, it was decided that “the only way to really give a boost of adrenaline and give the franchise the rebirth that it deserves was to bring back Roland and Dean.”

really?! really?! this is why MGM had to declare bankruptcy.

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master list is over here at [personal profile] fv_poster warnings & such on on each post. although some of the warnings got deleted by a glitch, so You should treat those as “prefer not to warn” until they get it sorted out.

the ones i liked;

bedknobs & broomsticks (take it off)
empire (monster)
heathers (don't try suicide)
lethal weapon series (odds are)

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Looking back at 2015!

1. Favorite TV show:

2. Favorite Movie:
i didn't watch any new movies this year

3. Favorite Book:
the crimson crown seven realms novel by cinda williams chima. it's the last part of a series that i loved from start to finish.

4. Favorite Video:
WALK THE MOON - Shut Up and Dance (Movie dance compilation) by MsTabularasa

5. Favorite "Current Event":
probably Pope Frances visiting the US.
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for those who don't know this is the date (oct. 21, 2015) that they traveled to in BttF 2, which was thirty years forward from 1985.

several things have made me feel old over the past 8-10 years or so, but this tops them all.

somethings that they had in their version of 2015 actually have happened; picture-in-picture tv, the one guy raising money for the clock tower had a tablet, using a thumbprint as an identifier/payment system is kind of similar to the fingerprint locks & "tap to pay" thing they have with credit cards now, 3-d movies were pretty big for awhile & the cubs will most likely not win the world series, but they're closer than they have been in years.

and then there's this comment about it all. found via [profile] captainofthenx02 

ETA: i just realized that doc brown is probably responsible for steampunk. someone saw his flying train engine/coal car from BttF 3 during one of his time-traveling adventures with it & was inspired.

ETA2: has a 10-21-15 roundup which includes the video version of that gif set.  (i feel that i must point out that that hat worn in the GTA5 recreation is from the second movie, not the first.)

ETA3: back to the future on jimmy kimmel

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the non-spoiler version: not worth watching. as someone said: i was expecting bond, but i got crap.
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some time ago i posted about some kids who did their own version of the radiers of the lost ark. now there's a documentary about their experience. it looks like something interesting to watch.

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(i don't think i did this before.)

here are some random links i've found over the years that could be of interest to a fic writer.

seventh sanctum is a "generator" site for names of places, things & people. need a name for an alien race? a dragon? a weapon? a sci-fi government? currency? a tavern? tarot cards? and if you don't like what is generated, you can try again for 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 suggestions. best for fantasy, sci-fi & anime stories.

fantasy name generator like it says it's a generator for names of fantasy characters & place names too. some "real" names can be generated as well. but since the name order is random, you sometimes get a name that only sounds (or looks like) they would fit for a real-world character. especially the ancient roman names.

internet movie firearms database want to know what gun(s) the main guy(s) in a movie or tv show use? the the bad guy(s)? what gun the third thug from the left had? or what guns were in the display case in the background? they even cover stuff like RPGs & mortars and if the gun is a real thing or something they modified for the cool factor. you can even search by actor to see what weapons they used in various shows & movies. they cover anime too.

fic writer's guide to firearms by [ profile] chn_breathmint covers gun safety, clips vs. magazines, types of ammo, types of guns & even what happens when a person is shot. it's in four parts with a link to each part at the bottom of the one before. focuses on the movie inception, but the gun info is mostly universal.

fanfiction header builder want an easier way to make the header for your story? just click the boxes for title, author, word count & even multi part stories, notes and warnings. copy & past the code generated and fill in the info.

american vs. british english showing the differences in slang & spelling of over 100 words & phrases

the hemingway app "it's like a spellchecker, but for style."

victorian & steampunk name generator
stuck for a name for your victoriaian, steampunk or neo-victorian character? gives you 1-15 choices for male or female & various social classes. you can even check an option for extended fancy-sounding names.

height comparisons if you wonder what 6 foot 2 vs 5 foot 5 looks like

info on WW2 everything you wanted to know about the war and what was going on at home & then some. (there are no links, i guess you google what's listed)

info on the victorian years everything thing you wanted to know about that era. (there are no links, i guess you google what's listed)

body language cheat sheet for writers

character sheet for lazy writers

overlooked world-building questions

the language of flowers & plants

links to finding the word when you only know the definition, when you can only recall part of it's spelling/definition, a rhyming word & synonyms/antonyms

a different version of the lazy writer's character sheet with more categories

NASA has a list of terms for the sci-fi writer

tips for writing action or fight scenes

romance: avoiding the cheesy stuff

ways to un-stick a stuck story

prompt generator with AU ideas, sentence/dialogue prompts, movie/show/book AUs, setting AUs, profession AUs, relationship and theme ideas. you can reshuffle each category or refresh the whole page

info on illegal/black market stuff, information regarding the criminal underworld. the information you will find there has been taken from newspapers and police reports.

words to replace said. grouped by attitude.

another type of character sheet. with places for favorite/least favorite things, family relationships, habits, background & goals.

how far can one realistically travel in a day. examples for walking, horse riding, various forms of sea travel & even message by pigeon.

if you want to understand that whole first cousin once removed & second cousin thing, there's a chart.

a list of links of posts on how to write POC without offending anyone

ambient sounds for writers i don't know if it's to get you in the mood to write or if you want to describe what a location sounds like.

updated 7-24-17
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i'm a bit late to this because of RL problems, but i'm on it now.

the master list is here at [personal profile] fv_poster warings & such are at each post.

and here are the ones i liked

men in black series (small town moon)

michael palin travel shows (flash, ban, wallop)

my cat from hell (the mean kitty song)

twister (eye of the tiger)

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You've heard about how the "Back to the Future" trilogy travels to the year 2015, and you've read countless lists of what the movie got right and wrong about the future.

Now thanks to Nike, there will be one more thing that the movie series gets right. The famous Nike high-tops worn by Marty McFly/Michael J. Fox in "Back to the Future 2" will come to life in a 2015 release -- with the Power Laces.

read more about it here.

that's cool & all, but sometimes you need to adjust your laces either tighter or looser, depending on what's going on with your feet at any given moment.
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from [ profile] sgflutegirl who got it from [ profile] theladymore

TAG GAME: Characters who share the same personality as you.
If you don't know your personality type, take the test here. (if that one doesn't work try this one. or do a internet search to find one.)

Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag friends and let them know you tagged them. i'm not tagging. do it if you want to.

Personality: ISTJ
Role: Inspector

ISTJs are quiet and reserved individuals who value loyalty and dependability above all else. They would rather work with facts than speculation, and they will put a great deal of energy into reaching a goal - as long as it makes sense to them. They prefer to work alone, but can be good team players when the situation calls for it.

Alexis Castle from Castle
Zoe Washburne from Firefly
Martin Crane from Frasier
Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
Spock from Star Trek
Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
T'Pol from Star Trek: Enterprise
(they have 7 of 9 for the VOY example. i would've thought they would put tuvok, since the other two main vulcans on the series were listed)

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you may know that it's the 75th anniversary of the movies gone with the wind & the wizard of oz, but it's also the anniversary of a bunch of other movies considered classics. for reference, see the list of movies the academy of motion picture arts and Sciences nominated for best picture

  • dark victory
  • gone with the wind (which won)
  • goodbye, mr. chips
  • love affair (remade in 1957 as an affair to remember)
  • mr. smith goes to washington
  • ninotchka
  • of mice and men
  • stagecoach (which launched john wayne's
  • the wizard of oz
  • wuthering heights

for more on the year 1939 in film, look here

and the story on the making of GWTW is nearly as interesting as the movie (and book) itself. & the university of texas is having a display on the 3 years it took just to get the movie made.
BTW if you've never read the GWTW novel i recommend it. if you do, just keep in mind that it was written in the 1930s about the civil war as well as the restoration. so language & characterizations are somewhat uncomfortable. 
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he was 63 & it's a possible suicide. according to his publicist he was battling depression for a while and apparently he had gone back to rehab last month.

and there's still four movies that he did set to come out.

R.I.P sir.

to paraphrase a quote from the star trek: VOY episode basics pt. 2; i offer you a vulcan prayer, mr. williams. may your death bring you the peace you never found in life.

(kind of fitting, IMHO, since he was a star trek fan. he was supposed to be in the TNG episode a matter of time, but unfortunately he was busy making the movie hook)

speaking of hook, one thing i recall about him is that while stephen spielberg (how also directed hook) was directing shindler's list he sent tapes of himself doing comedy bits as kind of "comedy break" because of the depressing theme of the movie.

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stargate fans probably know this already, but for those who don't;

After three successful television series spanning 14 years and 17 produced seasons, MGM is taking Stargate back to its roots.

The studio announced today that it will produce a new Stargate feature film trilogy, along with partner Warner Bros. (which will handle distribution duties). Heading up the films will be original writer-producer Dean Devlin and director Roland Emmerich, who brought the concept to life with 1994′s Stargate.

Devlin will produce the new films, with Emmerich on board to direct at least the first. Presumably they will also share writing duties.

Based on past comments from the two it seems likely that the new films will signal a “reboot” or continuation of the original, rather than a remake. It will probably pick up a suitable number of years after Stargate, and may or may not include any characters or actors from the 1994 film. (The two will also likely avoid the entirety of the television series’ continuity.)

read more at gateworld
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1. What is your favorite novel to screen adaptation?
gone with the wind

2. What novel to screen adaptation did you hate, when you had liked the book?
the fourth harry potter

3. When was the last time you went to the cinema and what did you watch?
it was 1999 & the movie was the world is not enough

4. Sugared or salted popcorn?

5. Cinema or DVD?

more answers over here at [community profile] thefridayfive 


Jan. 26th, 2014 06:53 pm
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thanks to [personal profile] sixbeforelunch , because i kind of forgot. the master post is up over at [personal profile] fv_poster .

here are the ones that i like. warnings & such are on each post (if vimeo is giving you problems in forefox, try chrome)

anastsia (1997)--collide

big--this could all be yours

blues brothers--citizens of the world

die hard series (actually #4)--gasoline

the tudors (2007)--no church in the wild

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