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dear sony,

why are you raising the price of your playstation vue for each level $10? when there are other competitors, lower the cost or add more stuff, to get people to pick your service. you money-grubbing SOBs.

no love,

and speaking of the greedy;

dear photobucket,

$400 a year to host stuff & link pictures to various sites?! are you nuts?! i know you need to make money, but this is ridiculous.

i am poor & just want to post pictures,

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you can't smoke in any of houses where i am at now. if you want to smoke you have to go to designated areas, unfortunately one is with in 30 feet or so of our place. smoke often drifts over here & so does some of the conversation that happens when the smokers congregate.

and now the letters;

dear ABC,

you're bring back the gong show?! of all of the games shows from the last 40 years you had to pick that one? no wonder you're at the bottom of the ratings heap.
bad enough you did that, but you have a host that 1. looks like he died 40 years ago & was resurrected for the job. 2. from certain angles looks like a cheap clone of robin williams & 3. is apparently mike myers in latex makeup.

shaking my head,

dear mike myers,
is your career that much in the crapper that you need to sink to this? did you run out of austin powers & shrek money already? did your wife get most everything in the divorce? or are you just getting money for the kids college funds?

no a fan, but you can do better,

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first of all; this vid by [personal profile] cosmic_llin long live (star trek) a bit light on the ENT for my taste, but at least it's included.

second of all; i just finished the seven realms series by cinda williams chima (the demon king, the exiled queen, the gray wolf throne, & the crimson crown) a YA fantasy series. i wasn't sure if i'd like it at first & didn't put it on the list at booksfree to rent for awhile , but i greatly enjoyed it almost right form the start.
another book series i'm enjoying (reading in between booksfree orders) is the memory, sorrow & thorn trilogy by tad williams (the dragonbone chair, stone of farewell & to green angel tower) kind of high fantasy/adventure. the author says he was inspired by lord of the rings, so that should tell you what kind of story this is.

which leads to the letter:
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the last of the spoilers )
it looks like they set things up for a follow-up, we'll see what happens. i don't know if the ratings were good enough for another one.

according to wikipedia, they used an actual castle! i thought tht looked too good to just be something they put up for the show.

and some of the "paladins" have acting credits on imdb, so they're less "regular people" then they were made out to be.

i got spoiled thanks to hulu's choice of picture on some of the episodes. in that regard;

dear hulu:

you need to be more careful in your picture choices for each episode.
i don't know who's in charge of that , but they need to be more careful. someone must have complained about the one's you had for the quest, because they were changed. but if you had better one's in the first place. the caution with pictures needs to include the ones for the clips that you have for the episodes too.
also saying that the third of three commercials & then at the end jump to a third one. not nice.

an annoyed viewer,

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dear CBS;

you keep calling the up coming drew carey & craig ferguson one-day job switch the biggest april fools day prank ever, but i'm pretty sure the idea behind april fools day pranks is that no one is supposed to know until it happens. not have it trumpeted during nearly every commercial break for the past week.
anyone remember when pat sajak & alex trebek switched jobs for april fools day in the 1990s? that was a good one, because we didn't see it coming. don't get me wrong, i'm looking forward to seeing what they do, but you're blowing stuff out of proportion IMHO.


P.S. if you could green-light scott bakula's NCIS: NOLA i'd appreciate it.

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note: if you make vids this isn't about stuff you did. unless you see some thing you're guilty of.

dear youtube vidders;

i understand that making these things isn't easy. you've spent maybe hundred (dozens?) of hours working on these things, but there are some things you should keep in mind;

1. just because you have a program that has fancy effects doesn't mean you should use all of them in one vid. or use one all of the time.
2. a small nitpick; AMV stands for anime music video. live action movies & TV isn't not anime. disney is not anime. its animated, not anime.
3. if you're doing a fan made trailer with the "approved for all audiences" thing at the beginning don't have bare boobs, strong language or excessive violence.
4. if you're having a scene of dialog, don't have music playing over it. or figure out how to turn the music down.


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dear folks,

why did you get rid of the arctic shatter flavor of powerade? i like the idea of powerade, it helped get me though a few hot summers. however, neither my brother or i can have drinks with artificial colors in them. (think montezuma's revenge, but more colorful) and please don't tell me that white cherry is the same, we both know is isn't. the taste is different and there's more of an aftertaste. it will do in a pinch, but i haven't seen it in stores in over a year. until the other day. trotting it out for the summer olympics, are you?

if the problem was sells, i can tell you why, there was hardly any in stores. apparently you think the blue or red stuff is better. and if you're using the my coke rewards site to get your info, they only had the red to choose from when you put in the code. i think someone was trying to (and no doubt succeed) in skewing the numbers.

in short, please bring  arctic shatter back.

a life-time coke & coke product drinker;

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this was prompted by this bit of news.

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dear daria (the tv show),

another show that i'm glad is an cool as i remember! (see letter to the real ghostbusters) i wish i could've had a bit of that attitude when i was in high school. i wish i could have some of that attitude now. (well, i kind of do have it now. sort of.)
too bad the company who produced you couldn't get the right to the music you originally had. the new stuff is ok, i guess.

the only problem with watching your episodes on DVD is i really want a daria icon (or two) but none of the ones that i've seen grab me. blah!

much sarcastic love (i mean that in a good way),

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dear the real ghostbusters,

thank you for being as awesome as i remember. thank you for still being zany, funny, odd & sometimes creepy. thanks for having dialog in such a way that i can almost her the original actors saying the lines sometimes.
the first few seasons were golden, until it was made slimer & the real ghostbusters. who's big idea was it to include the spud anyway? if i ever found out i'd beat them senseless send several angry letters. and don't even get me started on the mess that was the extreme ghostbusters! anyone recall the animated stargate series i stargate: infinity? yeah, it was that bad.
anyway, thanks for being a gem in the heyday of saturday morning cartoons & matching up to the memories i had of you. not all shows do that you know?

much love,

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dear hulu,

i like the tv quiz that you some times have, but in 2 out of 3 sg-1 episodes i watched today i could only get the answer to question 1 before it froze. major fail.

and why are you only having the sg-1 episodes until may 15th. is it sy-fy's sci-fi's idea?

also quit having the season 10 list open all of the time. i'm currently on season 6, i hope to get to season 10 soon. don't rush me!

anyway, thanks for having the complete series up.


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