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it's time to nominate stuff for [community profile] festivids . i considered nominating some fandoms, but this year they want you to sign up on their site to do it. i don't want to go though the bother of signing up for yet another site.

so if you are signed up or soon will be, could you do me a favor & put some of mine on your list if you fall short of the 10 fandom limit? 

i think they qualify & don't have many fan vids;
NCIS: new orleans
the quest (2014)
ghost adventures
quantum leap
golden girls

and if you're a vidder & get one of these as your assignment, i have some ideas.

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or my weird brain strikes again.

i often have crazy ideas for fan vids when i listen to certain songs.
note: all of these are available for “adoption.” credit for the idea (and a link to the finished product) would be nice. also, if you know know of any vids already done like this please let me know in the comments.

specific ideas

tik tok by kesha an all star trek (not the new stuff) or stargate: sg-1 vid would work with this. also could an NCIS: NOLA vid. i think i saw a short sg-1 vid done to this.

blow by kesha, we r we r are by kesha, last friday night by katy perry for an all trek (not the new stuff) or stargate: sg-1 vid

i wish i was james bond by scouting for girls NCIS: NOLA. agent pride wishes he was bond. use could be made of clips of past scott bakula roles with bond stuff like women & guns.

high school never ends by bowling for soup an all trek vid (not the new stuff)

we are never getting back together by taylor swift an sg-1 one. jack & sam break up. again. he wants to get back together, she doesn’t.

E.T. by katy perry (without the kanye west part) an all trek vid (not the new stuff) human/alien love. i suggest starting with the “i’ve always wanted to make love with an alien.” scene from first contact (the TNG episode) and end with the mess hall/"how you would endure" scene from a matter of honor (TNG) as is without the suggested music playing over them.

the full version of the song used for the cheer's theme NCIS: NOLA or star trek: DS9, because everyone goes to quark's bar.

flash gordon by queen star trek: voyager, the captain proton episodes are tailor made for this.

a golden girls vid set to you got a friend in me by randy newman

less specific ideas

a series of vids with the star trek series as if they were big screen comedy movies, like stargate: sg-1 [the movie] theatrical trailer by doubletreble1518

some sort of mash up vid with stargate: sg1, star trek (not the new stuff) or NCIS: NOLA with the audio for a movie trailer like the Stargate: Inception Trailer [HD] by doubletreble1518

something for the quest (2014) maybe with the the pirate of the caribbean theme.

some sort of ghost adventures vid. don’t know what song would be good. ghostbusters seems like an obvious choice, but not quite right IMHO. beside, i try to avoid going for the obvious.
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the last of the spoilers )
it looks like they set things up for a follow-up, we'll see what happens. i don't know if the ratings were good enough for another one.

according to wikipedia, they used an actual castle! i thought tht looked too good to just be something they put up for the show.

and some of the "paladins" have acting credits on imdb, so they're less "regular people" then they were made out to be.

i got spoiled thanks to hulu's choice of picture on some of the episodes. in that regard;

dear hulu:

you need to be more careful in your picture choices for each episode.
i don't know who's in charge of that , but they need to be more careful. someone must have complained about the one's you had for the quest, because they were changed. but if you had better one's in the first place. the caution with pictures needs to include the ones for the clips that you have for the episodes too.
also saying that the third of three commercials & then at the end jump to a third one. not nice.

an annoyed viewer,

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spoiler-type things )

just two more episodes left for me to watch and it's over. it doesn't seem likely that ABC (or anyone else) will have this again, but i hope that there might be some day.

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minor spoilers )

i think i may be the only person on DW watching this.
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the "battle dome" on the quest was pretty interesting. spoilers if you haven't seen it ) ETA: and it was raining at the elimination, but they didn't have the paladins wear any cloaks or anything. the castle steward did, "the fates" did. anyway, two episodes this next time.

my brother & i went to dragon-con in '09 & '10 but it was very good we did not go this year because i was sick starting wednesday.
sore throat, runny nose (especially thursday & friday) & sneezing, but i tried not too because it made the throat worse to the point that i could barely talk above a whisper from thursday to mid-day sunday. i told my brother if i went i would've been patient-zero for the con crud.

BTW i'm much improved, except for some coughing & a slight sore throat.

also: sucrets, while helpful, are nasty. especially on an empty stomach.

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i'm a week behind, because hulu puts them up 8 days after they air (unless you've got hulu plus) so if you're watching it no spoilers please.

a bit of a spoiler, if you're behind in viewing )

i still don't trust the grand vizier.
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the second episode finally came available on hulu. (i swear the first episode showed sooner) it's still very interesting, IMHO.

i don't trust the grand vizier, but then again i've had trouble trusting grand viziers since jafar in aladdin.
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the quest is a fantasy-based reality competition series that premiered just this past thursday. i just watched it on HULU ( was giving me trouble) & so far i love it!

the premise (taken from wikipedia):
Real people are pulled out of their everyday lives and put into a fantasy world—two different worlds that's never been merged before. Twelve fantasy enthusiasts from all walks of life and backgrounds live out their own adventures and personal quests in an imagined world. Each episode, the mysterious landscape comes alive in a unique competition where contestants (called "Paladins") compete in a battle of mental, physical and team challenges that relate directly to the storyline. Ultimately, one by one, they are banished until there is one "true hero" left. But, this story is strife with a land full of malevolence, magic and mythical creatures that want to harm them while lurking in the nearby forest.

there are 7 women & 5 men, which is unusual. i thought they'd have only a few women or make it an even split.
at this point it's hard to say who might become the one "true hero." i'm thinking maybe shondo the MMA fighter, leticia the executive assistant, patrick the high school math teacher or bonnie the property manager.

it's done by a LotR producer & the creator of the amazing race. i hope it does well enough in the ratings so they'll keep it on. but then again, they might just go though all of the episodes, since they probably have them done anyway.

i'm making the tag for this the quest (2014) because there were a few things by that title.

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