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and another year wiser. one hopes anyway.
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....i was born. well since the event was by c-section, my brother (who came into the world in the same way) & i jokingly call it removal day instead of birthday.

had lunch out. golden corral, nothing special.

got new slippers from wal-mart. (exciting, no?)

this is the lastest thing at pocket princesses. since it has to do with birthday cupcakes, i thought it was an interesting coincidence.

may or may not use the by one, get one coupon that DQ sends out for the blizzard club. haven't decided yet.

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another trip around the sun & we are here again.

nothing special to report.
had lunch at golden corral. avoided anything with blue cheese & the small salad shrimp as i think that's what caused some "issues" before with my digestion. found a 3-part fantasy series at a book sale (proceeds go to a charity) that looked mildly interesting. i went back & forth over them, but if i don't like them at least the charity got something out of it.

speaking of books i just finished the parasol protectorate series by gail carriger (careful if you look up stuff about it. the blurbs on the back of book 2 & 3, possibly 5, spoil for the book before it) if you're a fan of steampunk, alternate history or a bit of paranormal romance, this is the series for you. i don't think it's a spoiler to say it's an interesting way to look at vampires, werewolves & ghosts as well as explanation for some of social rules of the 1800s. hatshepsut gets mentioned in the last book & in one of those coincidences the universe like to toss out now and then, the other book in my booksfree order this month is about hatshepsut.
some part of me wants some sort of cross-over between this & the amelia peabody series by elizabeth peters.

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first; had my birthday lunch at ponderosa. we haven't been there in years and while it's not as bad as i remember (my brother begs to differ) it's not as good as it once was. i can tell you that the desert is better than at golden corral. even if they didn't have cheesecake.

got a very pretty birthday cake from a new bakery. it's not good enough for sunday sweets, but very nice just the same. almost a shame to cut into it.

i've watched every episode of table top (wil wheaton's webcast about table top games) and last night i dreamed about it. it had to do with the latest episode on a game called munchkin (which is a parody of role-playing games). in the dream it was a star wars version & i was a han solo character (smuggler, i guess.) and i was trying decide which weapon to use when i woke up.

this comic over at bustygirlcomics is why i don't wear shirts with pictures or messages on them anymore. i know people will look at the general area of my boobs now & then, but they don't need an excuse to.

stuff is taking forever & 3 days to load on my computer. my brother ran a internet speed test (or whatever it is) and it says it's OK on that score. i hope it's nothing major.

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today is daniel jackson's birthday.he still looks pretty good, considering all of the crap he's been through.

found out from [ profile] daytonward that indiana jones was born on july 1

july must be the month for fictional archeologists.

in non-archeologist birthdays; harry potter was born on july 31

and some RL birthdays;
tom hanks--july 9
harrison ford--july 13
sir patrick stewart--july 13
my brother--july 16
dean cain--july 31

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ate at golden corral, but not to the point of stuffing myself.

got a much needed haircut. i feel so light! (it's shoulder length now. cut off about 6-7 inches)

no cake as of yet. wal-mart didn't have what we wanted. will no doubt get one this weekend.

an interesting bit of trivia; it's jefferson davis' (the president of the confederacy) birthday. it's also confederate memorial day in kentucky, louisiana & tennessee. it's the 150th anniversary of the u.s. civil war this year, so that's why i'm tossing that out there.
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a big happy b-day to [personal profile] sid !

may you get all of the jack/daniel stuff you can handle.
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i big (if late) happy birthday to [personal profile] jassanja !

i hope it was a nice one.
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a big happy birthday to [personal profile] bluemeridian just under the wire too

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so sorry, [personal profile] sg1danny, that it slipped my mind (we need an option to remind DW people the day of) i hope it was a good one
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hope it's a good one [personal profile] twistedchick 

& enjoy your dinner tonight

my birthday

Jun. 3rd, 2010 08:27 pm
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so for my "big day" i went with the dad & brother to golden corral, which i hadn't been in years, and proceed to stuff myself stupid. got the happy birthday song from my dad & brother on the way there. got myself a couple of books, so all in all, not a bad day if i say so.
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happy birthday to [personal profile] magnavox_23 ! hope it's a good one

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a big happy birthday to [personal profile] turtlesoup  & [personal profile] psyche29 ! i hope it's a good one

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a very happy birthday to [personal profile] sgflutegirl ! i hope it's a good one.

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a big happy birthday to [personal profile] lunachickk ! hope it was agood one.

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i did it again! i missed [personal profile] hariboo_smirks  b-day on the 27th! i keep telling myself ; "there's a birthday coming up. better remember to make a post on that day" but sometimes forget when the day comes. there needs to be a feature where a birthday reminder pops up when you sign-in telling you there's a b-day (or some other event that you could add) coming up the next day (or even that day)

my most sincere apologies to hariboo_smirks, i hope your birthday was a good one.
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i missed [personal profile] hsapiens ' birthday on the 4th! *smacks forehead*

my most sincere apologies & i hope that it was a good one
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a big happy birthday to [personal profile] kazbaby !

as her one icon says; leather-wearing, singing, coffee addict, sci-fi geek. i hope today you get all of that.
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making it under the wire here; a big happy birthday to [personal profile] delphia2000 !

BTW for some reason i don't have b-day notices on my home page any more.

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