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i previously mentioned that MGM gave the green light to the new movies. well, now it's official they will start all over again.
“It’s not a story that can take place 20 years later. So the only way to really tell that trilogy is to go back from the beginning and start the story all over again,” Devlin says.

and there's this brilliant move;
In the company’s discussions about revitalizing “Stargate,” Glickman says, it was decided that “the only way to really give a boost of adrenaline and give the franchise the rebirth that it deserves was to bring back Roland and Dean.”

really?! really?! this is why MGM had to declare bankruptcy.

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in this dream i was an alien from somewhere that came through the stargate somehow. i met up with jack some how and he was taking me to daniel's house to hie out. (from the government, one presumes) he explained that daniel was in south america on an archaeological dig and wouldn't be back for a while. i asked jack how he knew daniel & he said he was his foster brother.

daniel's house was a mess, like hoarder messy & sam & t'ealc (was was an earth human in this dream) were getting ready to clean it out. they had 3 categories of stuff: good stuff to keep, so-so stuff that could maybe go & stuff that really should go. it seemed to me that it's very rude to clean up someone's house like that when they're out of the country, but they said they weren't actually throwing stuff away, they were just better organizing it so daniel could make the decision on it when he got home.

it was about at this time that daniel showed up unexpectedly. he explained that he had been accused of brain-washing someone & the government had asked him to leave. i was explaining how i got to eathe via the stargate when i woke up.

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i saw some stuff about the disney movie atlantis: the lost empire on tumblr & it got me to thinking about some sort of stargate: sg-1/ A:TLE fusion (i think that's the right word) although i'm sure i'm not the first.

daniel as the linguist and cartographer
ba'al as the the leader of the band of mercenaries
vala as his second-in-command
mitchell as the demolitions expert
janet (or maybe dr. lam) as the expedition's doctor
sam as the mechanic
jack as the sarcastic radio operator
hammond (or landry) as an eccentric millionaire who funds the expedition
jonas quin as the expedition's cook
maybourne as the very odd geologist
sha're as the princess of atlantis
kasuf as the king of atlantis
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Stargate SG-1, Mitchell and anyone on the team, Mitchell's first death )

SG-1 dream

Aug. 20th, 2015 11:08 pm
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it this dream the team (the jack, daniel, sam & teal'c combo) were off-world  teal'c had some wort of sickness that his symbiote had a hard time healing. i was part of some sort of ruling counsel type thing and there was a similar sickness on the planet that we were trying to deal with. at some point i leave a room through a door & it changes to a behind the scenes of the show.
the ceiling is low in this next room and most of the doors are fake or lead to these cubby-hole sized rooms. i did find a room long enough to lay down in, but then michael shanks & amanda tapping show up. for some reason they couldn't go home and decided to sleep there in the small rooms next mine, which didn't have walls just posts in between. suddenly david hewlett was there and michael was like: "i don't want to sleep next to him!" and came over by me. (tapping & hewlett disappeared around this time, i don't know where they went) so, shanks is trying to get comfortable by spooning with me(!) which involved his head being higher than mine in the "spoons" and his arm draped over me in just the right way. about the time he decided that he was comfortable, i woke up.
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or my weird brain strikes again.

i often have crazy ideas for fan vids when i listen to certain songs.
note: all of these are available for “adoption.” credit for the idea (and a link to the finished product) would be nice. also, if you know know of any vids already done like this please let me know in the comments.

specific ideas

tik tok by kesha an all star trek (not the new stuff) or stargate: sg-1 vid would work with this. also could an NCIS: NOLA vid. i think i saw a short sg-1 vid done to this.

blow by kesha, we r we r are by kesha, last friday night by katy perry for an all trek (not the new stuff) or stargate: sg-1 vid

i wish i was james bond by scouting for girls NCIS: NOLA. agent pride wishes he was bond. use could be made of clips of past scott bakula roles with bond stuff like women & guns.

high school never ends by bowling for soup an all trek vid (not the new stuff)

we are never getting back together by taylor swift an sg-1 one. jack & sam break up. again. he wants to get back together, she doesn’t.

E.T. by katy perry (without the kanye west part) an all trek vid (not the new stuff) human/alien love. i suggest starting with the “i’ve always wanted to make love with an alien.” scene from first contact (the TNG episode) and end with the mess hall/"how you would endure" scene from a matter of honor (TNG) as is without the suggested music playing over them.

the full version of the song used for the cheer's theme NCIS: NOLA or star trek: DS9, because everyone goes to quark's bar.

flash gordon by queen star trek: voyager, the captain proton episodes are tailor made for this.

a golden girls vid set to you got a friend in me by randy newman

less specific ideas

a series of vids with the star trek series as if they were big screen comedy movies, like stargate: sg-1 [the movie] theatrical trailer by doubletreble1518

some sort of mash up vid with stargate: sg1, star trek (not the new stuff) or NCIS: NOLA with the audio for a movie trailer like the Stargate: Inception Trailer [HD] by doubletreble1518

something for the quest (2014) maybe with the the pirate of the caribbean theme.

some sort of ghost adventures vid. don’t know what song would be good. ghostbusters seems like an obvious choice, but not quite right IMHO. beside, i try to avoid going for the obvious.

for sid

Mar. 23rd, 2015 10:58 pm
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[personal profile] jdjunkie is doing a thon in honor of [personal profile] sid . (it's most likely to be jack/daniel stuff.) so go, read & post something if you want.

 photo greyangel3b4hr6wa.gif
(it can be viewed as gen or slash, i guess.) ETA: it's not something that made. it's something that i found on-line long ago.

i didn't know her as well as some of you. but i first (& mostly) knew her from the old 5 things live journal community. she often commented on my entries. her's was one of the first journals i subscribed to here at DW where her comments also appeared on various entries of mine. i was always surprised that anyone would read some of my long, rambling entries on james bond novels or world war one & she always seemed to appreciate a book recommendation now & then.

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i mentioned before about my stargate: sg-1 hat getting a comment, well it happened again. this time i was standing in the check-out line at wal-mart & the guy in line ahead of me pointed at the hat & sai: "hey! i watched that movie years ago." i didn't want to get into how sg-1 is different than the movie, so i just said something like. "oh. ok." and went back to reading my book. (i occasionally carry a book to read while standing in line.)

that book was the first one in the romulan war series (star trek: enterprise) & it had this line: "....the ghosts of old sweat mingled with leather, incense, and the coppery tinge of blood, along with vague notes of freshly turned earth and lilac...." so of course my weird brain thought it might make an interesting BPAL scent.
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How do you deal with a fandom that just won't stop liking things you'd rather they didn't?
If you're one of the countless producers out there with unpopular shows, you might think having a loud fandom is a good thing. But over the years, we've seen behavior from both showrunners and fans of major slash pairings that would suggest that navigating a slash fandom is a complicated and incendiary mine field.
Slash pairings, or queer relationships, are generally the controversial ones, particularly in onscreen stories. While straight pairings between characters are typically fair game in Hollywood, queer relationships are still atypical, especially if they involve main characters. But that hasn't stopped fans from rooting for queer pairings in slash fandoms. The increasing visibilty of slash fandom, and the popularity of slash shipping, often puts fandom squarely at odds with a century of the celluloid closet.

even stargate gets a mention;
Stargate: Atlantis enjoyed decent ratings and a stolidly middle-aged fanbase that had supported the franchise for over a decade. It also had a major cult following within slash fandom because of the popularity of the slash pairing of John Shepard and Rodney McKay, a.k.a. McShep. McShep fans helped give the series a longer life and solid DVD sales into its fifth season. But unexpectedly, the show was canceled, not because ratings were poor, but because producers wanted to "broaden" the franchise's "core fanbase."

In other words, since the fanbase was too middle-aged, too female, and too prone to writing slashfic, the whole show had to go. The fanbase was so upset at SGA's cancellation that Stargate: Universe, intended to be its younger, hotter sibling, crashed and burned in its first season. The franchise hasn't been back on the air since.

read the story here at

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in my previous entry i complained about coke putting names on their 20oz bottles as part of their share a coke thing. but today i was secretly amused to find one labeled "daniel." which of course i bought, because i wouldn't mind sharing a coke (among other things) with daniel jackson.
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stargate fans probably know this already, but for those who don't;

After three successful television series spanning 14 years and 17 produced seasons, MGM is taking Stargate back to its roots.

The studio announced today that it will produce a new Stargate feature film trilogy, along with partner Warner Bros. (which will handle distribution duties). Heading up the films will be original writer-producer Dean Devlin and director Roland Emmerich, who brought the concept to life with 1994′s Stargate.

Devlin will produce the new films, with Emmerich on board to direct at least the first. Presumably they will also share writing duties.

Based on past comments from the two it seems likely that the new films will signal a “reboot” or continuation of the original, rather than a remake. It will probably pick up a suitable number of years after Stargate, and may or may not include any characters or actors from the 1994 film. (The two will also likely avoid the entirety of the television series’ continuity.)

read more at gateworld
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while my brother was going through the new stuff list in neftlix streaming i spotted the christmas lodge. so if you have netflix streaming & have seen it or want to see it again, go check it out.

i did a holiday shopping guide awhile back, so if you're still looking for stuff for someone on your list maybe you can find something there.
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kate ritter put up in interview on his site, called a life well lived.

kind of long, but some interesting stuff there.

found via [personal profile] magnavox_23 

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i just finished reading harry, a history by melissa anelli the webmistress of the leaky cauldron. it's about the history of harry potter (how the idea come about & how the books got published) and craziness that followed, which didn't explode until 1999 when the third book was published and livejournal started. in many parts of the book you could remove the words harry potter and insert the name of most any fandom (star trek, star wars, stargate), since the book touches on many issues fandom deals with; fanfic, canon, shipping wars & spoilers. while reading it i started thinking; what would fandom be like without the internet?

fandom in a world without internet )
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via [personal profile] sid

io9's March TV Madness tournament is into the Sweet Sixteen!

SG-1 is losing to the Battlestar reboot!

Get in there and vote, between now and midnight PDT/3 am EDT/7 am GMT (I think?)

vote for star trek and quantum leap too please. i don't think you can vote more than once, but you can try.

and if you miss this round, check out io9 for the next one.

ETA: today only (3-20-12) next round is march 22

in a comments thread elsewhere [personal profile] lost_spook pointed to icons by [personal profile] sallymn master list is here at LJ. SG-1, farscape, dr. who & a bunch of other tv shows. lord of the rings & other movies. coffee, cats, chocolate & a bunch of other stuff.

1 or 2 look interesting, but i try to get only those i'll use fairly ofter. doesn't always work out that way though.

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and a possible plot bunny for anyone who wants it. (also reason #578 why my brain is weird)

i was a princess of some country and i was getting ready for a ball or some sort. the crown that i was wearing was very heavy & i was thinking that i missed the one that we (my brother & i) used to wear as kids; a circlet of silver with some kind of symbol or coat of arms in gold on the front.
i was supposed to marry mitchell (an arranged marriage, i think) but i fell in love with daniel. i vaguely recall a shoulder rub from him because of the heavy crown. mitchell was not happy, but accepted things. later he sold the engagement ring to a guy who was just about to leave for hawaii to propose to his girlfriend.
he was then leaving to go on some sort of tour with his band (WTF?! IDK) with sarah gardner as their manager.

like i said; weird brain.

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