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1. tried the new oreo Os last week. rather bleh, not the same without those little "cream" pieces that looked like marshmallow disks.

2. trying to find a new scent of deodorant with a half-stuffed nose is no fun. chose secret scent expressions coconut splash invisible solid.
considered boho berry; a kind of dusty berry scent. also considered chill ocean; kind of smells like the "fresh" or "powder" scents. the hawaii citrus smells like cheap vitamin c tablets. the classic coco butter kind of smells like some sort of hand lotion, but not quite.
hopefully it will work out, there is that troublesome thing called body chemistry after all.

3. there a guy here that complains every day about going outside to smoke. i'm like "dude, you knew this was a smoke-free place when you applied to be here."

4. i maybe be a much larger size in bras than i thought. it's going to be a major pain to find one that fits & that i like. the sides on the bigger once usually cut into my armpits. i swear whoever designs these thing never has to wear one.
i got these things from my mom, which she apologized for.
on the other end of the scale was my dad's mother who once said that when she was young hers were like half lemons, but became fried eggs when she got older.

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just joined a new community [community profile] book_love that i found on [community profile] followfriday because i was wondering if anyone posted to the call for suggestions. BTW, if you follow an interesting community or journal go post about it there. they need more support.

in other news: the quest for a new deodorant has ended. the one i got is women's degree ultra clear pure clean--a delicate fruit fragrance with rose and jasmine. (according to their site.) but i think it's just has a "powder" kind of scent. i still really liked the vanilla one from secret, but my brother said it world smell like you rubbed a vanilla cupcake on yourself.
i hope it's like the "invisible solid" secret i've been using & not like those clear gel things that don't work on me.

in other things sniffed news i checked out renuzit's citrus sunburst. which is very citrus-y, like some sort of drink made from oranges & grapefruit or something. i also checked out citrus orchard by the same company (i can't find it on their site & might be another incarnation of the sunburst) it's a less intense citrus scent, but still very much oranges.

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i use unscented deodorant mainly because my brother (who i spend a lot of time around) objects to the "powder" scent i used to use. so i've been tiring to find one that he can put up with. secret has this new thing called scent expressions, so i encouraged him to sniff them to see if there are any he can put up with.

coca butter kiss--we suppose it's meant to smell like coca butter lotion, but doesn't really. it smell vaguely like lotion though.
ooh la-la lavender--they didn't have this at target or wal-mart, but we suspect that neither one would like it.
pasion de tango--they didn't have this at target or wal-mart
so very summerberry--smelled like someone sprayed deodorant on fake berries.
va va vanilla--my brother said it smelled like cake icing. i have no problem with that, but he said would probably make me & him hungry for cake.
coconut splash--the one at target kind of smelled like the coconut shampoo we use but the one at wal-mart didn't smell much like coconut. there's probably batch variants, or something.

i ended up not getting anything. so will probably stick to the unscented for now.
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because we are sensitive to a lot of artificial scents we have gotten the renuzit super odor killer for years, as it is one of the few we can tolerate. but lately, we have been expanding into other ones.

the first was a winter/christmas limited edition: cranberry bliss, which very much smelled like a cranberry cough drop or cough medicine. never again.

the next one we tried was apple & cinnamon, which didn't really smell like either. usually my experience with cinnamon scent is it screams CINNAMON! not too bad, may buy again.

the one we have now is purely peach which seemed ok at first, but then developed into a kind of peach spray cleaner smell. and now it switches between not bad & peach cleaner. most likely will not buy again.

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over in wal-mart they have this stuff called earthly elements by nature's bounty that are essential oils that you can add to unscented almond oil for massages, put a few drops in a bath or a diffuser in your home or office. each box of essential oils that has a spot that you can rub to get an idea of what it smells like. i sniffed at them a couple of days ago & went back today to sniff again so i could make this post.

grapefruit--sharp, almost border-line rotten.
chamomile--tea with sugar in it.
patchouli--i can see why everyone describes this as "dirty" or "unwashed." it kind of smelled like dusty black pepper to me.
jasmine--generic floral.
lemon--light lemony scent. not like lemon pledge.
rosemary--kind of sharp herbal.
lemongrass--dry herbal.

they were out of the following when i went back today. this is from what i recall from the other day.
lavender--sort of like those lavender satchels that you're supposed to put in with your clothes to make them smell nice.
peppermint--minty, but not the strong mint that i usually associate with peppermint.
eucalyptus--kind of like menthol.

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