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what can i say that has not been said by others, and better too i'm sure.

i've been thinking of adding some of her books (the princess diarist & surrender the pink) to my ever-growing list of stuff to read some day. i should see if booksfree (now called book lender) has them.

[personal profile] twistedchick has heard that star wars episode VIII is all about leia, which would be a nice tribute. at the very least they need to write a nice dedication of the movie to her.

goodnight sweet (well perhaps not very sweet) princesses.

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it just started on nov. 25 over at [ profile] caramelsilver 's so go & post a prompt or answer one or tow yourself.

i did one already;
Star Wars, Han/Leia, Tied Down  )

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found via [ profile] mathylibrarian

they are by her universe & hot topic is carrying it. and according to buzfeed geeky the pieces come in a range of sizes, from XS to 5X
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by [ profile] mamalaz 
the modern AU adventures of leia, han, luke & [spoiler] spoilers for the force awakens, if you have been spoiled or seen it yet.
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you probably know how these things go by now; screencaps from a tv show or movie + texts from last night entries = fun and/or interesting. but [ profile] textsfromstarwars sometimes put the character's names in place of names of the texts.
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Star Wars, any, the secret lives of the Royal Naboo Handmaidens  )

and the thought:
in a new hope, when luke come to rescue leia & she gives him that line about being short for a storm-trooper, i never realized how major that is. here is a woman who has seen her home planet destroyed, been tortured (probably physically & mentally) for who knows how long & still she's sassing the grunt who, for whatever reason, has come to her cell.
my brother says it's her way of still being defiant.
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i was probably about 10-15% interested in the new star wars movie, but got hit with a major spoiler last night. you can avoid posts about the movie on social media, but that will only take you so far.

don't read the comments on any SW story or article, you shouldn't read the comments on anything anyway but it goes double for this. this is how i got it. someone posted something like: "don't waste your money [MAJOR SPOILER]." the lowest level of the special hell is reserved for this dipsh!+ & others like him or her.

don't do an internet search for character or actors names. there often is a spoiler in the search suggestion or the preview of the results.

don't do an internet search containing the words star wars. if you want to know when it's playing at your local theater, search for the theater's name & look at their site.

if you're waiting until it comes out on DVD/blue-ray, God help you. if you avoid the internet for the next 4-6 months, you might be able to be 100% spoiler free. (is such a thing possible in this day & age?) but if you're on-line during that time & you follow the above, you might be able to be 70-80% spoiler free.

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a few year back i posted about ABC looking to do a live-action star wars series in the wake of disney buying lucasfilm. well it looks like some insiders are not closing the door on that yet.

I talked to Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy over the weekend at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens press junket, the full interview will hit the site later in the week. During my chat I learned that the company is still spending a lot of time looking, discussing and developing two of the most notorious left-over projects from the George Lucas era: the live-action Star Wars TV show Star Wars: Underworld and the Star Wars 1313 video game. Could either of these thought to have been abandoned projects find new light in the Disney era? Find out after the jump.

read more over here

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for the 3-sentence fic-a-thon [ profile] caramelsilver is doing.

star wars, leia&luke, siblings )
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there's a new star wars movie coming out & to be honest i'm rather indifferent about it. i don't know if it's because of j.j. abrams or those other star wars movies were such a disappointment. or it could be just a general apathy towards most of what hollywood puts out these days.

anyway, i came across this post over at [ profile] geekgirlvideo which got it from [ profile] robotsandfrippary which gets into whether or not leia is force-sensitive because someone said that it hadn't been established that she was. i mentioned this to my brother & he was like: "WTF?! of course she was!" and then went on to cite some of the things that the post did.

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for some reason i was looking at my stuff on the 3-sentence fic tag & wondered if[ profile] caramelsilver might be doing it again & she/he is!

it stared in dec. but i guess you can still do stuff. i did. check it out over here at this thread.

Star Wars, Han/Leia, another roll of the dice  )
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both found via [personal profile] twistedchick

a klingon general (j.g. hertzler) has been elected to public office.


when you translate star wars (a new hope) into navajo, interesting things happen.

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i just finished reading harry, a history by melissa anelli the webmistress of the leaky cauldron. it's about the history of harry potter (how the idea come about & how the books got published) and craziness that followed, which didn't explode until 1999 when the third book was published and livejournal started. in many parts of the book you could remove the words harry potter and insert the name of most any fandom (star trek, star wars, stargate), since the book touches on many issues fandom deals with; fanfic, canon, shipping wars & spoilers. while reading it i started thinking; what would fandom be like without the internet?

fandom in a world without internet )
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another thing from that thing over at [personal profile] rthstewart's

Star Wars, Leia, Jedi lessons )

(ETA:) and i continued it somewhat after the OP's reply;

how soon is soon? )
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it's been so long since i've done a meme.

found via [ profile] jackwabbit who got it from [ profile] jediknightmuse

spoilers if you haven't seen the movies )
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We already knew President Barack Obama was a nerd but this…this solidifies his place in our intergalactic records. Remember when we reported on that petition someone started to get the United States government to fund the building of a Death Star ala Star Wars? We all had a good laugh, knew it wouldn’t happen, and assumed they wouldn’t even get a response. They did. While it may not be the one petitioners were hoping for, it’s probably the single best response to anything, ever.
Petitions submitted to need to get 25,000 signatures before the administration is required to respond. The Death Star submission got almost 10,000 more. So what about that reply?
First of all, it was titled “This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For,” so we knew right off the bat this was going to be good. The author of the reply, Paul Shawcross, Chief of the Science and Space Branch at the White House Office of Management and Budget, goes on to break down the most important reasons why they decided not to build a Death Star for the U.S
the rest at

found via [personal profile] bluemeridian cross-posted to [community profile] geekgirls 
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ABC entertainment president Paul Lee says he’s going to take a look at the long-gestating Star Wars live-action TV series now that the Disney deal to acquire Lucasfilm is complete.
“We’d love to do something with Lucasfilm, we’re not sure what yet,” Lee exclusively told EW. “We haven’t even sat down with them. We’re going to look at [the live-action series], we’re going to look at all of them, and see what’s right. We weren’t able to discuss this with them until [the acquisition] closed and it just closed. It’s definitely going to be part of the conversation.”
Even many working in Hollywood don’t realize a live-action Star Wars TV series has been sitting on the shelf the past few years. The project was commissioned by longtime Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum, who enlisted writers such as Battlestar Galactica‘s Ron Moore and swore them to NDA secrecy on the plot details (more on the show’s storyline below). Fifty scripts were written. McCallum once called the scripts the most “provocative, bold and daring material that we’ve ever done.”
And then … nothing.

the rest of the story here

according to the linked story in the quoted paragraph, it could cost 4 or 5 million per episode. yikes! makes terra nova at about 1 million seem cheap, doesn't it. i guess they could cut cost by eliminating a lot of the special effects or reusing stuff like establishing shots of planets and cities. also by building sets that could be reused a lot just by redecorating them a little to be used for multiple places.

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