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i had a very weird dream the other night that i was distantly related to debbie reynolds. for some reason i was with a bunch of people, looking at pictures & someone said that i had her eyes. and then she come in and says something like the comity has decided to get rid of "his" star on the walk of fame. for some reason, in the dream, i think it's h. weinstein's.

reynolds then leads me outside where people are already digging up the up the star, she then says "i want you to meet my sons." she leads me to where they are on some sort of terrace overlooking the removal of the star. when i get there i see that her "sons" are charlie sheen & emilio estevez(!)

sheen immediately stars acting like i'm the most beautiful woman he's ever seen (gag) "fainting" on the ground even. i tell estevez that he needs to have his eyes checked. at some point i notice that sheen's right eye is a pale brown & his left is bright blue. not long after this he licks my face!

i'm disgusted, start to wipe it off & say "now i have to get tested." he gets a bit angry & says "i take a pill for that." (hiv) and then he leaves. reynolds is insulted that i would say such a thing. i tell her "i didn't mean that, there are a lot of other things to get tested for." but she walks off too and estevez is trying to apologize when i wake up.

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i had a dream last night were i was married to a man who looked like tom paris, but having an affair with a man who looked like daniel jackson (sans glasses).

it was sort of a jumbled mess, but i recall that at some point my husband came home from the war(!), for some reason i thought it was ww2, and i had to deal with all of that, plus the man on the side.

the whole thing was weird and a just little bit erotic.
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i had a star trek dream (of sorts) the other day.

i was at some sort of sci-fi convention at a star trek panel, but couldn't make out who the actors were. someone from the audience during the Q & A part said that they were glad that star trek existed. the person on the panel replied with something like how they (the actors) wouldn't be there if not for the fans.
it turned into a mutual appreciation society with people in the audience raising their hands in a salute. with others doing the vlucan hand greeting (of course) and a few people looked like they were doing the hunger games salute.
then a song started playing. i think it might have been i'll stand by you by the pretenders, i just know it seemed familiar. then i saw gates mcfadden in the audience (where i was) complaining to marina sirtis that it was a over-used song & the other telling her that she liked it.

and that's when i woke up.

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in the dream the obama's were getting divorced. needless to say i was shocked.

then he brings out his new fiancé at a press conference (i thought; "well that's fast.") and michelle was there to support them. which i had a hard time believing. she doesn't seem like the type to sand there with her replacement & seem to be fine with it.

the new woman was shorter than michelle & had a slightly lighter skin tone. her name was samantha something, her engagement ring wasn't anything major and the president said they wouldn't be getting married until some sort of investigation was over. that was pretty much the whole thing. the only investigation i could think of was the whole clinton e-mail thing & my brother agreed that's what it probably was.
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in this dream i was an alien from somewhere that came through the stargate somehow. i met up with jack some how and he was taking me to daniel's house to hie out. (from the government, one presumes) he explained that daniel was in south america on an archaeological dig and wouldn't be back for a while. i asked jack how he knew daniel & he said he was his foster brother.

daniel's house was a mess, like hoarder messy & sam & t'ealc (was was an earth human in this dream) were getting ready to clean it out. they had 3 categories of stuff: good stuff to keep, so-so stuff that could maybe go & stuff that really should go. it seemed to me that it's very rude to clean up someone's house like that when they're out of the country, but they said they weren't actually throwing stuff away, they were just better organizing it so daniel could make the decision on it when he got home.

it was about at this time that daniel showed up unexpectedly. he explained that he had been accused of brain-washing someone & the government had asked him to leave. i was explaining how i got to eathe via the stargate when i woke up.

SG-1 dream

Aug. 20th, 2015 11:08 pm
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it this dream the team (the jack, daniel, sam & teal'c combo) were off-world  teal'c had some wort of sickness that his symbiote had a hard time healing. i was part of some sort of ruling counsel type thing and there was a similar sickness on the planet that we were trying to deal with. at some point i leave a room through a door & it changes to a behind the scenes of the show.
the ceiling is low in this next room and most of the doors are fake or lead to these cubby-hole sized rooms. i did find a room long enough to lay down in, but then michael shanks & amanda tapping show up. for some reason they couldn't go home and decided to sleep there in the small rooms next mine, which didn't have walls just posts in between. suddenly david hewlett was there and michael was like: "i don't want to sleep next to him!" and came over by me. (tapping & hewlett disappeared around this time, i don't know where they went) so, shanks is trying to get comfortable by spooning with me(!) which involved his head being higher than mine in the "spoons" and his arm draped over me in just the right way. about the time he decided that he was comfortable, i woke up.
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in this dream i was watching the long-awaited QL movie. it was on tv, but i don't know if it was tv movie or just being shown on tv. it's wasn't very good. the first part dragged on for a long time. sam had leaped into some guy who wasn't very nice & may have been a criminal. his wife was cheating on him. al wasn't the hologram, it was some guy who looked like he was a history teacher or something. the hand link to ziggy was some big, clunky thing.
the second part had sam leap into the future. but it's the future like they imagined in the 1980s or something, where it's the year 2022 & for some reason everything is is different kinds of white & grey and everyone is dressed in the same kind of clothes. al was the hologram this time & sam's brother was missing. other than that, i don't know what was going on.

i haven't been that disappointed in something i have waited years to see since the star wars prequels. even if it was just something my brain randomly generated.

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and a possible plot bunny for anyone who wants it. (also reason #578 why my brain is weird)

i was a princess of some country and i was getting ready for a ball or some sort. the crown that i was wearing was very heavy & i was thinking that i missed the one that we (my brother & i) used to wear as kids; a circlet of silver with some kind of symbol or coat of arms in gold on the front.
i was supposed to marry mitchell (an arranged marriage, i think) but i fell in love with daniel. i vaguely recall a shoulder rub from him because of the heavy crown. mitchell was not happy, but accepted things. later he sold the engagement ring to a guy who was just about to leave for hawaii to propose to his girlfriend.
he was then leaving to go on some sort of tour with his band (WTF?! IDK) with sarah gardner as their manager.

like i said; weird brain.

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these three came up one after the other a few nights ago.

1. some kind of stargate: SG-1 dream. i'm not quite sure what was going on. there was some sort of shake-up at the SGC with a new commander coming in & daniel was being transferred to another team or another facility.

2. a star trek: enterprise dream where archer & (i think) reed were in the past, our present, trying to fix something that some time-traveler messed up without messing things up more.

3. i was in the kitchen of my maternal grandparents' house. it looked the same as the last time i saw it over 10 years ago except for there was a sink in the counter that divided the cooking area form the eating area. the place was a mess, garbage all over, someone had cut up the dish towels & there was a bunch of dishes to be washed. i started on the dishes then a young mark harmon shows up (this is the crazy part) and starts picking up the trash. then he dries the dishes that i washed. (don't know where he got a dish towel from) time travel must have been involved because i remember thinking that i wonder if the older version would remember that i did this with the younger one. crazy.
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it's july, when did that happen?

it's too damn hot! i hate the heat.

had some weird macgyver dream last night that made no sense at all. (i blame the heat)

i should probably get new socks. i have ones that i wore in highschool. (10+ years ago)

i want salad, but the kind that my brother & i make, with loads of stuff that we have to use small mixing bowls for.

i also want to make sandwiches, but the kind that are like mini dagwood sandwiches. with chips on them too.

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first; had my birthday lunch at ponderosa. we haven't been there in years and while it's not as bad as i remember (my brother begs to differ) it's not as good as it once was. i can tell you that the desert is better than at golden corral. even if they didn't have cheesecake.

got a very pretty birthday cake from a new bakery. it's not good enough for sunday sweets, but very nice just the same. almost a shame to cut into it.

i've watched every episode of table top (wil wheaton's webcast about table top games) and last night i dreamed about it. it had to do with the latest episode on a game called munchkin (which is a parody of role-playing games). in the dream it was a star wars version & i was a han solo character (smuggler, i guess.) and i was trying decide which weapon to use when i woke up.

this comic over at bustygirlcomics is why i don't wear shirts with pictures or messages on them anymore. i know people will look at the general area of my boobs now & then, but they don't need an excuse to.

stuff is taking forever & 3 days to load on my computer. my brother ran a internet speed test (or whatever it is) and it says it's OK on that score. i hope it's nothing major.

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i've been dreaming about quantum leap lately. either i'm watching the show or i'm in the story.

also i've been dreaming about sg-1 a lot too. i'm usually in the story for those.

and the usual things that i dream about;
finding money
high school
the internet (this is a new-ish one)
sci-fi conventions (only in the past few years since i went to a few cons)
revisiting some house from my youth. where i can't fit into the secret passages any more, but my brother can.

my brain is an odd place.
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why else would i dream about this shirt from j. peterman being on sale for 2 or $10.65?
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i hope 2012 is much better then 2011. on so many levels.

i tore the fingernail on my right index finger the other day, don't know how. my nails were short to begin with because i had just cut them (and i keep them on the short side anyway) so it tore very close to the quick. *cue mild panic*

i had a dream the other night about tony stark, or maybe it was RDJ. not sure, because he didn't have the beard, but i had the impression that the car we were in was very expensive. but i digress.
he was driving us somewhere and were were talking about some function that he was invited to. i was "kind of, sort of, almost, nearly" his girlfriend & could i attend the function with him as such.

speaking of dreams; i'm been dreaming about stargate: sg-1 a lot lately. mostly the sg-1 team (which i suppose is the same thing) daniel & jack more often than the others. last night were were on some world where dinosaurs still ruled & i was the only one who could understand what they were saying somehow. the t-rex that was incharge wanted to kidnap me for some reason (because i could understand them, i think) but the stegosaurus was against that plan & they ended up fighting, which we used as an opportunity to escape.

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the other night i dreamed that i was xena & along with gabrielle was somehow transported to modern time. paris & neelix of star trek: voyager were somehow in modern time too (that's the crossover part) there were other people there too, but all i can remember is a woman & her young son. we were at some guy's house, but he wasn't home it was really hot and i was making sure everyone was drinking plenty of water.
we all found modern clothes to wear & i was telling paris that his blue shirt looked good on him. someone came up with a plan to get everyone back to where (and when) they belonged. i don't recall the plan, but it involved driving somewhere where they were working on some device that would help. the woman with the kid didn't want to go & i was telling her that she'd have a hard time making a living there, if she stayed, when i woke up.
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i had one of those bad nights last night where something i ate disagreed with me and decided to make this fact known at 4 in the frellin' morning! after tossing some tums at it i finally managed to get some sleep. of course i had a weird dream.

i was amelia peabody from the amelia peabody mysteries by elizabeth peters, which in and of itself is strange but there were a few other things. 1. i (being amelia) was the same height as emerson my, rather her, husband. in the novels there seems to be a fairly good height difference. 2. instead of emerson looking like dean cain like i always wanted thought he should be he had a strong resemblance to arnold vosloo. 3. i had the worst english accent in the history of bad accents.

anyway, the "storyline" was this; we were in some warehouse somewhere (probably egypt c.1900) and a bomb went off. emerson knocked me to the ground to advoid the blast. after the dust cleared we discovered that our son (nicknamed ramses) was missing. we assumed he's kidnapped (someone was often kidnapped in those stories) and set out looking for him. emerson wants me go go back to our hotel & i insist on helping him search for ramses as i have already sent notes to our workers at whatever archeological site we're working at that season to come help. i'm cursing emerson for not keeping an eye on the boy, ramses for disappearing & everyone in general when i wake up.

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so i dreamed that i was watching a SG-1 movie last night.  jack had retired & gotten married, but not to sam. (drat!) his wife turned out to be one of the bag guys, which she revealed to him on their honeymoon. she pulled a gun on him & made him get out of bed. jack wasn't wearing anything and looked good, but then there was full-frontal nudity! (eeep!) and i was watching the movie with my brother too.
at some point in this SG-1 story, daniel was going off to look for an artifact of some sort. i would hum the indiana jones theme during these times. then, suddenly, daniel was dressed as indy!
while watching this movie on DVD it kept cutting out, like a TV with bad reception. at one point it briefly switched to something else, like someone had accidentally recorded another movie on it. i was wondering if i had accidentally di something to cause the, but then was thinking that's impossible with a DVD player when i woke up.

and i didn't even eat anything before bed. maybe all of these nights of tossing & turning are affecting (effecting?) my brain.

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so last night i dreamed about macgyver. i was penny parker (remember her?) & was staring in this play. some God-awful play where i was a woman who was suppose to marry a prince or something. anyway, i was wearing some kind of shoes with lace on them & they were very tight. (i hate ill-fitting shoes) and some kind of veil i was wearing kept slipping off.
then murdoc shows up! of course he's trying to kill mac, but other people get caught up in the mess. after a while murdoc starts monologuing & walks into a area with a bunch of ants. there are 1 or 2 giant ones, about the size of a small kittens, mac warns him not to step in the big ones. but murdoc ignores him (can't hear over his monologue, i guess) and he steps on one & this makes the other ants mad. they've just started to swarm up his legs when i wake up.


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in the first part of the dream i'm at some theme park with my brother, but i've met a guy and we were out on a date. it ends very late & we part. i'm running to get back to my room and i keep thinking that if i don't get back before 7 a.m. my brother will call the police. i'm trying to go past this group of people in front of me, but no matter how quickly i go, i can't get past them.

either the dream switches now or this is a different one.

i'm at a convention with my mom & brother (i had the feeling that it was dragon-con) we're going to see michael shanks and richard dean anderson do their Q & A session. someone gave us passes to sit closer to the front, but it was still too far away to get good pictures. so i do a hunched-over run to the front, but i'm still 20 rows back. i get what pictures i can and start to head back (wondering if i can find my seat) only to discover that my mom has moved up to a row were no one is sitting. she tells me that my brother will join us soon, so i settle in to watch. just then other people come out and start to talk and i wonder what the hell do the have to do with MS, RDA or SG-1 when i wake up.

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