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ignoring, for the moment, the reported leaked plot of harry potter and the cursed child, are you interested in seeing the play/reading the book?

i had some vague interest in it at first, but now i'm very much in the indifferent camp. i think that the story ended long ago & there really is no reason to continue it.

on the other hand, i have a small interest in the fantastic beasts and where to find them movie(s).
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are you interested in the play/book?

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no, i'm not interested in either
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if you are interested, how interested are you?

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someone made up a quiz based on the questions you get at pottermore to sort you into a house.
And before you say “omg, that equals to more than a hundred percent!” this quiz works a little differently than most. Instead of questions that are like “"this" answer is the Slytherin one and “this” answer is the clearly Hufflepuff one” I believe that the questions work more like “this option gets you 5 points for Slytherin, this one gets you 4, this one gets you 3 to add up at the end” etc for all the houses, so they’re like “how much is this a _blank house_ thing to do” which is probably a more accurate representation than the former option.

link to the quiz
found via [ profile] knittedace

BTW my results: 82% hufflepuff, 76% ravenclaw, 46% griffindor, 36% slythern
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in one of the harry potter movies (i can't remember! i'm a bad fan!) harry uses the floo network for the first time & says something that sounds like "diagonally" instead of diagon alley & ends up in knockturn alley. (which is apparently diagonally across from diagon alley.)

that got me to thinking that since you have to speak your destination clearly, that the floo network would be hard to use for people with a speech impediment or an heavy accent. unless it could be worked out that someone else outside of the fireplace-thing could drop the floo powder in the fireplace-thing & say the destination for them.
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Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has taken to revealing new details about the characters in her books through the Pottermore site—because hundreds upon hundreds of printed pages just cannot contain her genius—and she’s finally weighed in on a long debated topic: why the Dursleys hate Harry Potter so much. Sadly, it has nothing to do with that Horcrux theory.

If you’re the kind of fan who prefers to find the new info for themselves, you can head to Pottermore to click around a new interactive Deathly Hallows chapter and find out the new details for yourself, which include not only the reason the Dursley’s hated Harry but other tidbits about Dumbledore and Hagrid and what they meant to Harry.

As for the Dursleys, a convincing fan theory held that, because Horcruxes can influence those around them and Voldemort had made one out of Harry, the Dursleys’ dislike of him was exacerbated by Voldemort’s magic. But Rowling states that as for Vernon Dursley—true to form—he hated Harry for much more human reasons: he felt embarrassed by his father, James Potter, who Harry uncomfortably reminded him of.

so, if your theory was they were petty & jealous, you were right.


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31 HP jokes on tumblr (some are funnier than others)

on the other end of the scale; 29 times tumblr made HP fans cry (some are sadder than others)

if you belong to pottermore, there are christmas goodies a-plenty, including some new HP fiction from JKR

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it's warm during the day, but cold at night.

sonic has a summer of milkshakes with a bunch of new flavors. my waistline is in danger of expanding.

for some reason my brother wants cake. now i do too. (more danger to my waistline)

while i still watch the amazing race, i'm not as excited as i once was.

i don't think i've been interested in any new movies coming out since harry potter.
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i just finished reading harry, a history by melissa anelli the webmistress of the leaky cauldron. it's about the history of harry potter (how the idea come about & how the books got published) and craziness that followed, which didn't explode until 1999 when the third book was published and livejournal started. in many parts of the book you could remove the words harry potter and insert the name of most any fandom (star trek, star wars, stargate), since the book touches on many issues fandom deals with; fanfic, canon, shipping wars & spoilers. while reading it i started thinking; what would fandom be like without the internet?

fandom in a world without internet )
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i finally got to see part 2 of #7. thought on the movie (and the others) can be found at my blogspot blog at this tag.

if, like me, you saw part 2 of HP 7 as a rental, it didn't have any extras. check out the deleted scenes on youtube. (before they're taken down)

harry potter: a tribute to the magic. an 15 min. long salute to the movie series. spoilers for everything. found via [ profile] sgflutegirl 

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found via [personal profile] jargonelle (there’s a song one too!), but seen all over. there's no way i'd remember to do this daily, so i've broken it down into parts. the rest can be found under the meme thing tag

movie questions 1-10 )

video time

Oct. 7th, 2011 06:49 pm
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discovered a video-maker on youtube called Thunderjammers. go check him out & vote and/or comment on their stuff if you have an account. some samples;

harry potter--the boy who lived

21st century superheroes

happily ever after--a tribute to romance

a tribute to disney--a tale of childhood

but wait! there's more! )
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if you're like me and saw part 1 of HP 7 on a rental disk with no features, youtube has the deleted scenes. check them out quickly before they get taken down.

much thanks to [personal profile] cofax7 for the link.

movie time

May. 12th, 2011 10:28 pm
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finally got to see the first part of harry potter and the deathly hollows.

spoilers for the book and movie )
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via [personal profile] cofax7 

the first 5 harry potter books abridged & in comic form

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