Apr. 18th, 2016

archersangel: (blah)
someone made up a quiz based on the questions you get at pottermore to sort you into a house.
And before you say “omg, that equals to more than a hundred percent!” this quiz works a little differently than most. Instead of questions that are like “"this" answer is the Slytherin one and “this” answer is the clearly Hufflepuff one” I believe that the questions work more like “this option gets you 5 points for Slytherin, this one gets you 4, this one gets you 3 to add up at the end” etc for all the houses, so they’re like “how much is this a _blank house_ thing to do” which is probably a more accurate representation than the former option.

link to the quiz
found via [tumblr.com profile] knittedace

BTW my results: 82% hufflepuff, 76% ravenclaw, 46% griffindor, 36% slythern

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