Apr. 15th, 2016

archersangel: (cats)
NOTE: i don't really have pets, there are a couple of cats that seem to be shared by the neighborhood. (by that i mean a few that roam between houses for food & affection)

1. Do you play games with your animals, aside from the usual?
there's this one cat that likes to grab at my ankles or the back of the leg with her paw. but i think it's more that she's playing with me rather than me playing with her.

2. Do you talk to your pets?
yes. how much they understand is up for debate.

3. Do your pets talk to you?
yes. how much i understand is up for debate.

4. Is your pet your best friend, a member of the family or both?
i only had one cat the came close to either description.

5. Have you ever had to get rid of an animal for a reason beyond your control?
not that i can recall.

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