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(i don't think i did this before.)

here are some random links i've found over the years that could be of interest to a fic writer.

seventh sanctum is a "generator" site for names of places, things & people. need a name for an alien race? a dragon? a weapon? a sci-fi government? currency? a tavern? tarot cards? and if you don't like what is generated, you can try again for 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 suggestions. best for fantasy, sci-fi & anime stories.

fantasy name generator like it says it's a generator for names of fantasy characters & place names too. some "real" names can be generated as well. but since the name order is random, you sometimes get a name that only sounds (or looks like) they would fit for a real-world character. especially the ancient roman names.

internet movie firearms database want to know what gun(s) the main guy(s) in a movie or tv show use? the the bad guy(s)? what gun the third thug from the left had? or what guns were in the display case in the background? they even cover stuff like RPGs & mortars and if the gun is a real thing or something they modified for the cool factor. you can even search by actor to see what weapons they used in various shows & movies. they cover anime too.

fic writer's guide to firearms by [ profile] chn_breathmint covers gun safety, clips vs. magazines, types of ammo, types of guns & even what happens when a person is shot. it's in four parts with a link to each part at the bottom of the one before. focuses on the movie inception, but the gun info is mostly universal.

fanfiction header builder want an easier way to make the header for your story? just click the boxes for title, author, word count & even multi part stories, notes and warnings. copy & past the code generated and fill in the info.

american vs. british english showing the differences in slang & spelling of over 100 words & phrases

the hemingway app "it's like a spellchecker, but for style."

victorian & steampunk name generator
stuck for a name for your victoriaian, steampunk or neo-victorian character? gives you 1-15 choices for male or female & various social classes. you can even check an option for extended fancy-sounding names.

height comparisons if you wonder what 6 foot 2 vs 5 foot 5 looks like

info on WW2 everything you wanted to know about the war and what was going on at home & then some. (there are no links, i guess you google what's listed)

info on the victorian years everything thing you wanted to know about that era. (there are no links, i guess you google what's listed)

body language cheat sheet for writers

character sheet for lazy writers

overlooked world-building questions

the language of flowers & plants

links to finding the word when you only know the definition, when you can only recall part of it's spelling/definition, a rhyming word & synonyms/antonyms

a different version of the lazy writer's character sheet with more categories

NASA has a list of terms for the sci-fi writer

tips for writing action or fight scenes

romance: avoiding the cheesy stuff

ways to un-stick a stuck story

prompt generator with AU ideas, sentence/dialogue prompts, movie/show/book AUs, setting AUs, profession AUs, relationship and theme ideas. you can reshuffle each category or refresh the whole page

info on illegal/black market stuff, information regarding the criminal underworld. the information you will find there has been taken from newspapers and police reports.

words to replace said. grouped by attitude.

another type of character sheet. with places for favorite/least favorite things, family relationships, habits, background & goals.

how far can one realistically travel in a day. examples for walking, horse riding, various forms of sea travel & even message by pigeon.

if you want to understand that whole first cousin once removed & second cousin thing, there's a chart.

a list of links of posts on how to write POC without offending anyone

ambient sounds for writers i don't know if it's to get you in the mood to write or if you want to describe what a location sounds like.

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