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your mileage may vary.

my first 2 trek novels were metamorphosis (tng) & spock's world(tos). i didn't read any for a long time. then one day i discovered 21 at one of my local thrift stores. (tos, tng, & ds9)
well that did it, i was hooked. since then i've read over 200 trek novels (original works & novelizations)
i mostly stick to the ones from pocket books, but i've read a couple of the animated series novelizations from Ballantine Books. (not that interesting IMHO)
i don't pay attention to authors, i just read what i find interesting.
a list of novels & novelizations can be found at memory alpha & wikipedia

warning! spoilers in the descriptions


sarek by A.C. crispin
spock's world by diane duane
the vulcan academy murders by jean lorrah
doctor's orders by diane duane
the idic epidemic by jean lorrah
the lost era: the art of the impossible by keith r. a. decandido (it starts in the TOS era & ends in the TNG era)


gulliver's fugitives by keith sharee
the q continuum series by greg cox;
I,Q by john de lancie & peter david
metamorphosis by jean lorrah
a time to be born by john vornholt
a time to die by john vornholt
a time to sow by dayton ward and kevin dilmore
a time to harvest by dayton ward and kevin dilmore
a time to love by robert greenberger
a time to hate by robert greenberger
a time to kill by david mack
a time to heal by david mack
a time for war, a time for peace by keith R.A. decandido
imzadi by peter david
triangle: imzadi 2 by peter david


a stitch in time by andrew J. robinson
the long night by dean wesley smith & kristine kathryn rusch
section 31: abyss
unity by S.D. perry
(the problem with the DS9 novels set after the series, such as abyss & unity, is that if you don't read in order, you have no idea what's going on)
the lives of dax edited by marco palmieri


mosaic by jeri taylor
pathways by jeri taylor


broken bow by diane duane

tales from the captain's table edited by keith R.A. decandido
the dominion war:
behind enemy lines by john vornholt
call to arms by diane carey
tunnel through the stars by john vornholt
sacrifice of angels by diane carey


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I read quite a few when they first came out. I did like 'Tears of the Singers' and 'Ishmael' a lot. And I know I read 'Imzadi' and liked that one too, but I really loved 'Q-in-law.' As much as I liked DS9, I don't think I read any of that series. I do remember one TOS series of books I positively hated by a couple of women who's writing was so bad, it made me throw the book at the wall. And there was a horrible Mary Sue that had Spock as Mary's sex slave. *gag* And another one where the writer was stealing lines from Willy Wonka. Funny I can remember the bad ones most LOL!

Funny you should post this...I was at a thrift store today and was laughing at the cover of "Vulcan" because I thought it looked so cheesy!

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