Feb. 11th, 2016

archersangel: ("awake")
in this dream i was an alien from somewhere that came through the stargate somehow. i met up with jack some how and he was taking me to daniel's house to hie out. (from the government, one presumes) he explained that daniel was in south america on an archaeological dig and wouldn't be back for a while. i asked jack how he knew daniel & he said he was his foster brother.

daniel's house was a mess, like hoarder messy & sam & t'ealc (was was an earth human in this dream) were getting ready to clean it out. they had 3 categories of stuff: good stuff to keep, so-so stuff that could maybe go & stuff that really should go. it seemed to me that it's very rude to clean up someone's house like that when they're out of the country, but they said they weren't actually throwing stuff away, they were just better organizing it so daniel could make the decision on it when he got home.

it was about at this time that daniel showed up unexpectedly. he explained that he had been accused of brain-washing someone & the government had asked him to leave. i was explaining how i got to eathe via the stargate when i woke up.

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