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in time for x-mas shooping; fiction books that i recommend. your mileage may vary.

WARNING! there may be spoilers in the reviews

buried pyramid by jane lindskold

the silver wolf by alice borchardt
warning! strong language & "adult" situations

firebird: a trilogy by kathy tyers 3 books; firebird, fusionfire & crown of fire
the story has christian undertones

duchess of milan by michael ennis
a fictional telling of true events

forever amber by kathleen winsor
not the most joyful book ever, but makes you feel like you were there

the great game by dave duncan. it's 3 books:
past imperative
present tense
future indefinite

snare by katharine kerr

poland by james a. michener
fictional telling of historical events

the saracen blade by frank yerby

the cat who...... mysteries by lilian jackson braun

the mrs. murphy mysteries by rita mae brown

the midnight louie mysteries by carloe nelson douglas

the sarah kelling mysteries by charlotte macleod

the amelia peabody mysteries by elizabeth peters

the james bond novels by ian fleming

the harry potter series by j.k. rowling

angels & demons by dan brown

jurassic park by michael chrchton
hardly resembles the movie, i'll leave that up to you if it's good or bad

people of the.... series by kathleen o'neal geer & w. michael geer
the seven realms series by cinda williams chima

the parasol protectorate series by gail carriger

the tiger queens: the women of genghis khan & the secret history: A novel of empress theodora by stephanie thornton

the spies of warsaw by alan furst

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Date: Dec. 6th, 2009 12:40 am (UTC)
sid: (pretty Books)
From: [personal profile] sid
I love the Amelia Peabody books! And my boss recommended The Cat Who books once.

I've never even picked up a Harry Potter book. Does that make me a bad person? lol

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