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books that i don't recommend. of course, your mileage may vary

WARNING! possible spoilers in the descriptions.


star trek novels

how much just for the planet? by john m. ford (just horrible)

ship of the line by diane carey (boring, dull)

the novelizations of the animated series by alan dean foster (the stories were odd & too long)

warped by k.w. jeter (and it was)
constellations (anthology) edited by marco palmieri (nothing was that interesting)


the lost world; jurassic park by michael crichton

(not all that interesting. too many dino behavior theories)

the crown of columbus by louise erdrich and michael dorris

(spent too much time on the relationship between the 2 main characters & not enough on the story)

the deus machine by pierre ouellette (just ugh!)

an interesting note; this book was written in like 1994-95 & set in 2005, they mention a big economic "downturn." banks closing, sky high mortgages & a 30% unemployment rate.

the once and future king by t.h. white

(just not that interesting IMHO. too wordy maybe? go watch the sword in the stone, which was based on part of this novel.)

the mysteries of pittsburgh by michael chabon

(plodding & i didn't care what happened to anyone in this)

mrs. pargeter's point of honour by simon brett

(interesting idea. just not an interesting story)

the dare by susan kearney

(not terrible, just not good)

the widow of the south by robert hicks

(too many POVs. you’d be better off to read books about the battle of franklin that the story centers on)

the vagabonds by nicholas delbanco.

(it wasn't written like a conventional novel & the story wasn't all that interesting.)
master and god by lindsey davis (plodding & uninteresting. i quit it after about 70 pages)
etruscans: beloved of the gods by morgan llywelyn (just couldn't get into it)
rules of civility by amor towles (not very interesting)


ian fleming: the man behind james bond by andrew lycett

(while it's interesting, there's too much deviation like; so-and-so is the niece of some earl & she married the duke of somewhere)

the lives of the kings & queens of england edited by antonia fraser

(a bit dry. maybe i'd like it better if it was written by phillipa gregory?)

the fossil trail; how we know what we think we know about human evolution by ian tattersall

(mind-numbly boring. unless you're a paleontologist or maybe an anthropologist)

the last knight: the twilight of the middle ages & the birth of the modern era by norman f. cantor (just couldn’t get into it)

the wars of the roses by j.r. lander (another one that i just couldn’t get into)

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Date: Sep. 20th, 2013 03:37 pm (UTC)
zats_clear: (Daniel read me a story (no text))
From: [personal profile] zats_clear
got books you love? I have a list if you are looking :)

btw, weirdest captcha EVER

Date: Sep. 20th, 2013 08:18 pm (UTC)
delphia2000: Screaming Banshee Me (Banshee by Trika)
From: [personal profile] delphia2000
Glad to see 'How Much for Just the Planet' is on your list. I don't know how that one was even published! Stealing lines from Willy Wonka? Epic fail.

I'd put anything by these two right next to that: Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath. Their crap was just so much crap!

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