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what can i say that has not been said by others, and better too i'm sure.

i've been thinking of adding some of her books (the princess diarist & surrender the pink) to my ever-growing list of stuff to read some day. i should see if booksfree (now called book lender) has them.

[personal profile] twistedchick has heard that star wars episode VIII is all about leia, which would be a nice tribute. at the very least they need to write a nice dedication of the movie to her.

goodnight sweet (well perhaps not very sweet) princesses.

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i'm not a fan of football, but i saw a couple minutes of the notre dame/army game today & when did notre dame change their colors?

they used to have a nice navy & gold & now its a combo of baby crap yellow & olive drab with a crap type set for the numbers. i was sick to my stomach.

a check of wikipedia ways that the colors are still blue & gold so maybe it was just for the army game. still, crap colors.
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third verse, same as the first: i don't really care for the new woman.

might have disliked her a smidgen less after this week's episode. i read somewhere that in the sixth episode their going to reveal a more vulnerable side to the character & that will all magically make us like her. *gag*

it doesn't matter one bit if the viewers start to like her, if the rating keep going down like they are this is the end of the series.

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i just noticed on my calendar (have to get a 2017 one soon) that it doesn't have halloween listed on oct. 31, just a little drawing of a pumpkin. i looked at christmas, thanksgiving, veteran's day & they all have the holiday name listed.

the only thing i can figure is that some very religious person who worked on these things is so against halloween that they refused to put the name on the day, but still had to indicate the holiday.

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still not liking the new woman.
the NCIS: NOLA page on CBS' site has a picture of her with blond-ish hair, it's not for her. i'm hoping it's an old picture & not how she might look later on.

thought that pride's "go on drink" move by bumping his glass against hers on the bar was cute. major credit to whoever came up with that.

tom arnold sounds like he had a head cold or something. or maybe that's how tom arnold sounds now. i don't know.

and of course that had to have a scene showing one of the those fabulous ford productstm in the scene with the guy on the motorcycle.
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tecnally, i'd be convirting my comment account (i think that's what it's called) to a regular account.

i'm not leaving DW, it's just that some communities will not let you post unless you have an LJ account. i guess several years & 6,000+ comments don't matter to them. also the blogger site keeps giving me trouble with logging in. one time the converted my .com to .nl, which is the netherlands. <_<

on that note: does anyone know if there's such a thing a retroactive cross-posting? like if i go & edit an entry here at DW is there an option to cross-post to LJ?

linux mint

Aug. 16th, 2016 06:45 pm
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my brother switched our desktop over from windows-whatever-number to linux mint.
i don't have my bookmarks or search history & it wouldn't except my log-in when we set it up because it was too short. i've had it since we got this computer in like 2004! *sigh* this is going to take some getting used to.
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watched back to the future for like the 50th time last night & something occurred to me. people on-line wonder why marty's parents didn't recognize him as the guy that helped them get together. well, by the time he started looking like he did at 17 nearly 30 years had gone by & memory plays tricks on you.
lorraine remembers calvin/marty as being like some movie star. taller with wavy dark hair & brilliant blue eyes.
george remembers him as being a bit of nerd. shorter with mousy brown hair and either green or hazel eyes.
sometimes they recognize a gesture or tone of voice of marty's, but just chalk that up to some sort of family resemblance.

marty not only has to deal with change in the town (twin pines mall becoming lone pine mall for example) but changes in his family. his brother dave works in some sort of office & his sister linda works in a boutique. marty's wanting to be a rock star is somewhat of a disappointment, but his parents figure if it makes him happy they'll support him.
and other things like he remembers that the clown that came for his brother's 9th birthday was drunk. but now the event was a magician who's exploding smoke effect scared one of the girls at the party so much that she cried.
marty remembers that the summer he turned 12 the family went on a camping trip & they all got food poisoning from a roadside food stand. but now the event is that they went to disneyland, but it rained most of the time they were there.
even his meeting of jennifer is different. instead of meeting during the first day of high school when the strap of her hand-me-down book-bag broke in front of him, the event is now that they met a week later when she tripped & dropped her lunch tray by his table in the cafeteria.

marty learns very quickly not to bring up past memories beyond the day he came back to his own time. if anyone starts reminiscing he waits to see if it matches with what he recalls before joining in, if it doesn't he kind of nods along & pretends that he remembers the same.
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now that some states are requiring people to use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate (or soon will be), some women (who are assigned that at birth & identify as such)  who dress in less than feminine ways are getting mixed up in this. like this case in texas which doesn't have a law about this yet. and this story about a lesbian being escorted out of a bathroom by a police officer is complicated. (that link goes to a snopes article about it.)

i'm female, what they call cisgendered, but i don't dress "feminine" at all. as i said elsewhere: picture lt. columbo as a slightly overweight woman in rumpled casual clothes. and i'm worried that if this kind of thing spreads to my state, this could happen to me.

my brother assures me that won't happen because of my rather....prominent breasts. i often have my hair in a ponytail or tucked up under my baseball cap & i usually wear some loose-fitting top that could obscure things, especially if you only just glance my way.

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Star Wars, any, the secret lives of the Royal Naboo Handmaidens  )

and the thought:
in a new hope, when luke come to rescue leia & she gives him that line about being short for a storm-trooper, i never realized how major that is. here is a woman who has seen her home planet destroyed, been tortured (probably physically & mentally) for who knows how long & still she's sassing the grunt who, for whatever reason, has come to her cell.
my brother says it's her way of still being defiant.
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in one of the harry potter movies (i can't remember! i'm a bad fan!) harry uses the floo network for the first time & says something that sounds like "diagonally" instead of diagon alley & ends up in knockturn alley. (which is apparently diagonally across from diagon alley.)

that got me to thinking that since you have to speak your destination clearly, that the floo network would be hard to use for people with a speech impediment or an heavy accent. unless it could be worked out that someone else outside of the fireplace-thing could drop the floo powder in the fireplace-thing & say the destination for them.
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steven weber voice a character on the batman animated series that was similar to who he plays on NCIS: NOLA, hamilition, and some what similar to the character he played on star trek: deep space nine.

we are done with batman: TAS now. except for some animated movies, which i think we've seen already.

for some reason my brother & i have been on an ice cream kick, mostly been and jerry's & some hagaan dazs. i my gain back most, if not all of the weight i lost because of the gallbladder thing.

ice cream in cooler weather )

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for those who don't know this is the date (oct. 21, 2015) that they traveled to in BttF 2, which was thirty years forward from 1985.

several things have made me feel old over the past 8-10 years or so, but this tops them all.

somethings that they had in their version of 2015 actually have happened; picture-in-picture tv, the one guy raising money for the clock tower had a tablet, using a thumbprint as an identifier/payment system is kind of similar to the fingerprint locks & "tap to pay" thing they have with credit cards now, 3-d movies were pretty big for awhile & the cubs will most likely not win the world series, but they're closer than they have been in years.

and then there's this comment about it all. found via [profile] captainofthenx02 

ETA: i just realized that doc brown is probably responsible for steampunk. someone saw his flying train engine/coal car from BttF 3 during one of his time-traveling adventures with it & was inspired.

ETA2: has a 10-21-15 roundup which includes the video version of that gif set.  (i feel that i must point out that that hat worn in the GTA5 recreation is from the second movie, not the first.)

ETA3: back to the future on jimmy kimmel

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as part of our on-going quest to try oreos & oreo-like cookies by brother & i got the simply made chocolate sandwich cookies from keebler. well, they were not the best.

first of all, they barely had any filling. second; there wasn't very much chocolate taste to the cookies. the wal-mart & target brand ones were better. in our opinion.

oreo has brownie batter & cinnamon roll ones now. tempting, but doubtful we will get them.

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with ra's al ghul often mentioning that he's lived for over 600 years you could have an animated series called the lives of ra's al ghul. 

most episodes could start with some situation that reminds him of something in the past & the flashback starts with him narrating. maybe the overall series plot could be him searching for some artifact he had but somehow lost or stolen from him. with an occasional appearance by batman.
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thanks to[personal profile] zats_clear  i now have a dreamwidth journal! may you always have pictures to caption & the inspiration to caption them. (to explain: she used to post screnecaps of SG-1 episodes with captions)

about me & this blog )

about the avatars/icons )

is it your birthday? if it is, i've most likely forgot it. sorry. if you or someone has made an entry on it i'll express my wishes for a good day there. if not, here they are now!
happy birthday, joyeux anniversaire, buon compleanno, plurimos annos, feliz aniversário, feliz cumpleaños, С Днем Рождения, födelsedagen, breithlá sona. that should cover it

also some links that i find interesting

fiction books that i like
nonfiction books i recommend
star trek books that i like
books that i do not recommend
links for writers of fan fiction & original fic.
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saw the 2-part episode that introduces catwoman & a few thoughts come to mind.  where does she keep those cat-shaped spike things to deter the bad guy following her? not to mention the camera she was taking pictures of the evidence with? or the necklace she stole earlier? it might be a case of what tv tropes calls victoria's secret compartment (a.k.a her bra)

then in another 2-part episode we get introduced to clayface (look him up for the back story) in short; due to some evildoing he's like a 7 foot tall man made of clay who can manipulate himself into various shapes, including humans than can pass inspection as such. so of course he can turn his hands into weapons to fight batman, including a mace & a block of "bricks" but what's really odd is he can make metal ones too. like big metal claws or an axe. and when he is in a human form, he can create realistic clothes & hair. and he can throw off parts of his clay to trap or deter anyone after him. like my brother said: "doesn't he miss those parts of himself?" he propels giant globs of his clay at batman, but doesn't get smaller. does he regenerate the clay?

it's possible that i'm looking for logic where none exists.
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every time it rains here we get a lot of slugs. if i could open a ferengi snack bar i'd make a fortune .

the star trek novel universe is so much more diverse than the shows, but of course you can describe just about anything in print & it's cheaper than make-up or special effects. of course the shows had the horta, excalbians, sheliak & the aliens in encounter at farpoint.
the novels had beings that were mostly tentacles. everyone wondered if they had teeth & found out for sure when the ship was invaded by hostiles & it bit one. the giant slug species that sits in saucer-shaped chairs, but because of their slime, always get stuck in them. the first of the species to become captain said she only did so so she could a fancy chair that was cloth-lined. the six-legged rino sized ones, that i hink were the same ones that rarely hurried because they lived for 500 years, so what's the rush? the federation is not, as azetbur said in star trek: 6, "a homo sapiens only club."

in non-trek thoughts: in NCIS: NOLA ATF agent percy (is she going to be a regular next season?) commented that they have a lot perrier in the refrigerator at their headquarters. so i was wondering: who's responsible for having it? my first thought was brody, it's hinted that she comes from money (possibly old money). then i thought maybe it's pride's, he something of a food aficionado, so that wold fit. unless the writers throw a curve-ball & make it lasalle's who developed a taste for it because a woman he was dating had lousy tap water (it was ok to cook & wash with, but had a chlorine taste) & that's what she had to drink.

and since the new orleans NCIS office handles cases from the mississippi river to the texas panhandle, are they ever going to have a case outside of their "backyard" of NOLA?

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still doing the batman: the animated series re-watch & just saw the episode that introduces the character poison ivy (a.k.a dr. pamela lillian isley) and i can't figure out if she's an extreme environmentalist or some nut who thinks that plants are better than people. and sometimes when i think about the character, i think about the song poison ivy by the coasters.

as for the plant (poison oak & poison sumac too), it's becoming stronger than it has been thanks to climate change.
Poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac plants are becoming larger and stronger, a trend that's been developing over recent years, according to researchers. That may be a combination of the plant's nature to cause more severe reactions over time and the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as a result of global warming.

and the oil can stay on clothes & lawn equipment for 5 years!
apparently the best way to get rid of it it, if you don't want to dump a bunch of herbicide on it,  is to get (or even rent) a few goats, they love the stuff. although, they just eat the plant, the roots are still there & will grow again so if you rent, you'll have to do it more than once for them to eat the leaves off often enough so the roots have no energy to grow again.

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