Dec. 13th, 2016 11:25 pm
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the 3-sentence fic-a-thon is still going on. for how much longer, i don't know.

i got to see NCIS: NOLA "live" tonight because my brother's agents of s.h.e.i.l.d wasn't on. (squee!)

spoilers )
i saw a video that zoe mclellan posted on her twitter (i think) that said the reason she's out of the show is because her "character ran her course": which is what i thought it was.

still don't like the new woman.
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i did this a few times & decided to re-post it.

not just for the holidays, but for any gift giving occasion.

edwardrhamiliton.com the place for books. some of the books are slightly damaged & if you don't mind that these are good bargains. i've bought from them for years and really like this company. the have the added bonus of having an actual catalog that you can have sent to your home, or one of you're friend's homes. most of their orders ship within 48 hours of them getting your order so i wouldn't do last-minute stuff with them.

sock dreams the place for socks & stockings. i've never used them, but heard many good things. if you, or someone on your list, likes unique socks and/or stockings this is the place to shop.

[deviantart.com profile] humon  on deviantart who does scandinavia and the world has some merchandise now. (never got anything from here)

booksfree which is like netflix for books. they have various rental plans for 2 to 20 books at a time. take as long as you want to read then & then ship them back. they're all paperback editions, they also have MP3 & CD audio books and children's books. you can even have a combo plan. they usually have a 50% off the first month thing going on, so you use that to try it.

the guy who does rejected princesses has posters for sale, calendars & cards too. and now he has a RP book with a bunch of new entries.

adagio tea sells loose-leaf teas & tea paraphernalia. they have all kinds; black, decaf, green, etc. & even fandom blends! (it's better to search for the one you're interested in, than to look through their list) there could be more than one for what you're interested in. for example; there are a couple for daniel jackson of SG-1, so read the flavor description to see if it's something you might like. they sell sample tins that make about 5 cups (except for some which are 10 or the ice tea, which is 6 pouches that make 40oz), so you can try it before committing to a larger amount.
they even tell you at what temperature & how long to steep the teas for.
make sure you read the whole page for the tea you're interested in, as some are higher in caffeine than others. (never got anything from them)

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nanowrimo is soon, so here are 3 more things to help a writer. for a bunch more look here.

found via [tumblr.com profile] bi-est-witch-of-middleearth words to replace said, grouped by attitude.

found via [tumblr.com profile] annabellioncourt another version of a character worksheet. with places for favorite/least favorite things, family relationships, habits, background & goals.

found via [tumblr.com profile] jbk405 how far can a person realistically travel in a day. examples for walking, horse riding, various forms of sea travel & even message by pigeon.

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from [tumblr.com profile] maxkirin found via [tumblr.com profile] jabletown

from the post:
It’s called Havocscope. It’s got information and prices for all sorts of edgy information. Ever wondered how much cocaine costs by the gram, or how much a kidney sells for, or (worst of all) how much it costs to hire an assassin?

In case you’re wondering, Havocscope is a database full of information regarding the criminal underworld. The information you will find there has been taken from newspapers and police reports.

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done by [tumblr.com profile] colormayfade found via [tumblr.com profile] batsintheshadows

I’ve had this prompt generator I put together for a while now, so I thought I’d share the link for anyone who needs an inspiration. There are:

3 150 au ideas
900 humoristic sentence/dialogue prompts
85 other sentence prompts
180 movie/show/book AUs, 179 setting AUs, 84 profession AUs
56 relationship and 217 theme ideas

You can shuffle each category independently or just refresh the whole page . The generator works just as good on the phone.

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just FYI, i don't post scary/gory stuff for halloween.

the most you might get is cartoon skeletons, black cats, ghosts, or witches. maybe a jack 'o lantern. and if there are links in anything (either the article or comments) that i do post that leads to something scary/gory, i apologize.

*well, for most. some have been in "halloween mode" since sept. 1

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no reason why i'm posting these, but then i probably don't need a reason.

"a conversation with scott bakula" a nerd HQ 2016 (some thing zachary levi from chuck does)

scott on CBS sunday morning talking about NCIS: NOLA

scott at the 50th anniversary trek creation con in vegas

he sang just a little bit of a song from hamilton & if i didn't internally squee, i certainly squeaked because just a couple of days ago i posted a thing about a NCIS: NOLA/hamilton fusion.

he mentioned that if ENT had gone on longer the might have been a musical episode. so now, there needs to be a musical episode of NCIS: NOLA

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apparently back in 2014 and why we're just finding out now is beyond me.

info from about 500 million accounts like revealed names, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and, in some cases, security questions and answers (don't anyone remember what their security Q & A is?) where taken. Yahoo urged users to change their passwords if they haven't since 2014. well i have so i'm not going to bother.

my brother says "they" tell you to make a "secure" password because that way it's harder to crack with the stuff hackers use, but then the hackers just go & hack the main site and get your info anyway. so what's the point?

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you can track your orders, both outgoing to you & returning to them. apparently it has to do with shipping costs, because the e-mail i got said that they weigh the books on their end & then print the labels (one for sending it to you & one for you to return it) but this messes up things for people who get two or more 2-book orders because you have to send the 2 you get back together.

for me this is a good thing because: 1. i don't have to remember to sign-in & check the option of i received them on a certain date or mailed them in on a certain date. and 2. i can see where the book are when i have sent them in like a week ago & still didn't get the e-mail that they got them.

but it's also bad because i'm checking 2 or 3 times a day to see where they are & googeling the town name to see where it is in relation to my location or where booksfree is.
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from takebackhalloween.com's about page:
So what’s this all about, anyway?

First of all, Take Back Halloween isn’t a store. We’re not selling any of this stuff. We’re a resource guide: we come up with the costume designs, explain what you’ll need to pull off the look, and provide links to where you can buy the various components.

Our overall approach is about creating great costumes with stuff that is readily available: either already in your closet, on sale at eBay or some other retailer, or in stock at a costume store. No sewing! See our “how to use this website” page for a quick rundown on how it works.

What we mean by “taking it back”

We love Halloween. We really love Halloween. We think it’s cool that there’s one day a year when people can dress up as anything they want. What we don’t think is cool is that increasingly women are only supposed to dress up as one thing: “Sexy _____” (fill in the blank). Sexy Nurse, Sexy Cowgirl, Sexy whatever.

the have four categories: glamor grrls, goddesses & legends, notable women and queens.

many interesting ideas, but you may have to answer the question of "who are you supposed to be?" a lot.

*i know it's only the middle part of september, but it may take time to get stuff together for these & have time to make them.
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....a few days ago & have been cross-posting some, not all, of my entries from DW.  which will be true of future entries on this journal.

an odd thing that happens, sometimes when an entry pops up over there it has an icon that matches a entry tag (EX: star trek or star wars) but not always. weird.

anyway i'm [livejournal.com profile] archersangel over there if you are ther yourself & want to friend me or just want to look at where there is.

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if you have trouble understanding the whole first cousin once removed & second cousin thing, this chart explains who is who.

but it doesn't go into my personal pet peeve of people not knowing the difference between step-siblings & half-siblings.
according to wikipedia,
"Stepsiblings" (stepbrothers or stepsisters) are the children of one's stepparent from a previous relationship. They are unrelated by blood.
Half-siblings share only one parent instead of two as full siblings do and are on average 25% related,[3] in other words, the children that the parent and stepparent (the mother and stepfather, or the father and stepmother) or previous partner have together.

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a different version of a character sheet for lazy writers where it's multiple choice & you fill in something if only you don't like the choices.

it has a lot of the same categories as the other one i linked to plus I.Q, pets language (where they swear a lot), what type of stuff they read & where they have hobbies or not.

BTW that link goes to a place called [tumblr.com profile] writing-prompt-s so you you ever want or need a prompt (sometime off-the-wall ones) check it out.

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basic overlooked world-building questions

where does the food come from? who removes the trash? things like that.

the language of flowers
for that Victorian AU or steampunk story

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if you're really serious about keeping track of your character's traits. only circling, check marks, and one-word answers needed
it covers stuff like personality, background & lifestyle. even things like type of humor, criminal record & what kind of laugh they have. with a link to a PDF file to print your own.
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a bunch of links toinfo on the victorian years want to write an victorian AU or steampunk story? many links on medicine & illness, fashion, transportation, food (and the lack there of) and more

body language cheat sheet for writers wonder how your character would act while angry, distressed or lying? this can help

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height comparisons want to see where the head of you "leading lady" comes up to on your "leading man?' his chest? his shoulder? is your aliens species 9 feet tall & you want to see how that compares to the average human? just plug in the numbers, hit the compare button & see. for centimeters set "Feet" to 0 and "Inches" to the measurement in centimeters. Don't mix the two systems, you'll get a wrong result.

links for world war 2 info want to write a WW2 AU but the research was daunting? many, many links under topics including: names, fashion, entertainment & food, hygiene, health & medicine and even crime.

a reminder

Mar. 12th, 2016 09:02 pm
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 tonight is that whole "spring ahead" thing. so remember to set your timepieces one hour ahead.

most things like computers & phones will do it automatically. some bboards & social media will have something is time settings for daylight savings, so check it out & take care of it if it does.

leap day

Feb. 29th, 2016 04:35 pm
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it's that rare day again. so enjoy it while you can & if you were born on this date there are some free things you can get. or even if you were not, there are a few specials out there.

and if you're inclined to do so, watch a few episodes of quantum leap or read one of the tie-in novels or even some fan-fic.

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