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because ther was no agents of s.h.i.e.l.d yesterday we watched NCIS: NOLA. it was my broth's first time watching it, here is some of his comments;

(about pride) is he supposed to have an accent? i replied yes. and there were complaints about the one he was doing in the beginning & had to change it. although i like the first one better.

when spoiler ) my brother said: you & your soap operas.

pride goes to get his gun: he keeps his gun in a filing cabinet?

they're interrogating someone & the door is open, you can see it leads outside, not into a hall:  wait. their interrogation room opens to the outside? me: it's a whole casual thing. it's just a building in the city. with only a couple of guards.


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:25 pm
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the 3-sentence fic-a-thon is still going on. for how much longer, i don't know.

i got to see NCIS: NOLA "live" tonight because my brother's agents of s.h.e.i.l.d wasn't on. (squee!)

spoilers )
i saw a video that zoe mclellan posted on her twitter (i think) that said the reason she's out of the show is because her "character ran her course": which is what i thought it was.

still don't like the new woman.
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well once again spoiler ), i wonder when they'll get tired of that.

and another spoiler )

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what i wanted to post about was NCIS: NOLA (what's new?)

i was completely indifferent to the new woman in this week's episode, i suppose i was too distracted by trying to figure out why the actress who played sebastian lund's mother looked familiar. (it was wendie malick)

while looking for the ratings i found NCIS: NOLA got 65% on rotten tomatoes (i didn't know they did TV shows) 6.9 our of 10 on imdb & 5.4 our of 10 on

according to bythenumbers.zap2it the rating for this week, oct. 18, are only 9.56 million (come on people!)

but according to the same site:
Let’s get this out of the way: “NCIS: New Orleans” will be back in 2017-18. It’s covered by the Third Season Rule, which states that shows in their third full season, which are produced by their network’s affiliated studio, just about always get a fourth season.

“NCIS: New Orleans” fits all those criteria, and it’s a shoo-in to go to the very green syndication pastures its fellow “NCIS” shows enjoy. All that is a good thing for the show, especially at this moment, because it’s not doing especially well in the ratings.

i hope they're right.

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third verse, same as the first: i don't really care for the new woman.

might have disliked her a smidgen less after this week's episode. i read somewhere that in the sixth episode their going to reveal a more vulnerable side to the character & that will all magically make us like her. *gag*

it doesn't matter one bit if the viewers start to like her, if the rating keep going down like they are this is the end of the series.

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the rating are down. that is thought to be the result of brody being written out & gary glassberg's passing just last month.
After his death, another blow came to the show with the departure of Zoe McLellan‘s departure from the show, which further affected the show’s ratings. From its 11 to 12 million viewers during its premiere episode for season 3, the ratings are going downhill from there. Although the second episode rating showed some improvements, it is still low compared to what the show has been expecting.

The show has to find something to renew the interest of its viewers. Something that will take their minds away from the recent developments happening in the show. If such performance continues, there is a possibility that this could be the show’s last season.

and it doesn't help that stupid CBS moved it to 10 pm on tuesdays in favor of that stupid bull show.

also brody's replacement seems to have a hard time fitting in. the actress as well as the character.
Vanessa Ferlito, on the other hand, said in a report that she might find it a real struggle to fit in the big shoes of McLellan’s character. Furthermore she said that it is a “New Orleans thing” which means that they are “territorial.” The new cast member added that this is the gang’s place and that they are proud of New Orleans. She even described the city as a “tight-knit community.”

come on people! i'm not happy with this change, but i want to have scott bakula on my tv on a regular basis. *sigh* maybe those goofy cult of scott bakula people are right & his career did die for our sins.

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still not liking the new woman.
the NCIS: NOLA page on CBS' site has a picture of her with blond-ish hair, it's not for her. i'm hoping it's an old picture & not how she might look later on.

thought that pride's "go on drink" move by bumping his glass against hers on the bar was cute. major credit to whoever came up with that.

tom arnold sounds like he had a head cold or something. or maybe that's how tom arnold sounds now. i don't know.

and of course that had to have a scene showing one of the those fabulous ford productstm in the scene with the guy on the motorcycle.
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it's time to nominate stuff for [community profile] festivids . i considered nominating some fandoms, but this year they want you to sign up on their site to do it. i don't want to go though the bother of signing up for yet another site.

so if you are signed up or soon will be, could you do me a favor & put some of mine on your list if you fall short of the 10 fandom limit? 

i think they qualify & don't have many fan vids;
NCIS: new orleans
the quest (2014)
ghost adventures
quantum leap
golden girls

and if you're a vidder & get one of these as your assignment, i have some ideas.

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1. that whole: "yes, brody leaving was out of nowhere, but we will get over it." was totally directed at the fans.

2. percy touring civil war sites seems to be a nod to the actress being in a few episodes of a civil war era show: mercy street. (i think is said in a previous post that she was in underground, but i was mistaken)

3. pride's bête noire has the last name of hamilton, so someone besides me must be thinking of some sort of NCIS: NOLA/hamilton fusion-thing. (even though i know little about the hamilton musical) despite the fact that this hamilton might just turn out to be a big, bad guy some day.

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so far i'm not liking the new FBI woman.

i don't know why when they have new a character join the team in these kind of situations, it's always some abrasive character. a by-the-book type or someone who gets assigned to the team when they don't want to be reassigned.
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it's a spoiler, if you haven't heard yet.

i should have known something like this would happen after the new cast member announcement. i'm a bit annoyed, but since i only watch for scott bakula, it doesn't matter all that much.
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the show will return on tue. sept. 20 at 10 pm eastern time.

and they've added a new regular

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non-spoiler reaction: well, i didn't see that coming.
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i think i mentioned that every few episodes of NCIS: NOLA they have to show off some ford vehicle. in this latest episode the did a slow pan across the grill to show off the logo, a close-up of the push button start & showed how quickly it could cut-off a bad guy who was being chased on foot by other agents. sometimes it's a big chase scene that shows how well it accelerates & handles twists and turns.

the amazing race does something similar every season with some ford product they have to drive, usually some new one or something with some great feature & it's usually the prize at the for that leg.
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if pride's middle name of cassius has anything to to with gaius cassius longius does that mean that hamilition, overly ambitious politician, the mayor of new orleans & pride's bête noire, is supposed to be julius caesar?
i know it comes from the character's father, but he had the name first before they had that fact.

the things that come into one's head while trying to sleep.
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when the show comes back from "winter hiatus" on Jan. 5 it will have a 2-hour "cross-over event" with NCIS.

i think it's called sister city & it starts with NCIS which airs before NCIS: NOLA. so if you don't watch one of the series, you have to make plans to watch both to get the full story.
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steven weber voice a character on the batman animated series that was similar to who he plays on NCIS: NOLA, hamilition, and some what similar to the character he played on star trek: deep space nine.

we are done with batman: TAS now. except for some animated movies, which i think we've seen already.

for some reason my brother & i have been on an ice cream kick, mostly been and jerry's & some hagaan dazs. i my gain back most, if not all of the weight i lost because of the gallbladder thing.

ice cream in cooler weather )

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some time ago i wondered if & when NCIS: NOLA would leave their "backyard" of new orleans. in the most recent episode they did.

here's hoping they do more road trips in the future. 
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scott bakula still can look not too shabby in a dress.

and is hamilton ever going to turn out to be the big bad guy? or just be pride's bête noire?
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so now that small spoiler ) i'd like to update my fan vid ideas list to include one for NCIS: NOLA with the full version of the song used for the cheer's theme. you probably didn't know there was a longer version, did you? well, there is.

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