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1. that whole: "yes, brody leaving was out of nowhere, but we will get over it." was totally directed at the fans.

2. percy touring civil war sites seems to be a nod to the actress being in a few episodes of a civil war era show: mercy street. (i think is said in a previous post that she was in underground, but i was mistaken)

3. pride's bête noire has the last name of hamilton, so someone besides me must be thinking of some sort of NCIS: NOLA/hamilton fusion-thing. (even though i know little about the hamilton musical) despite the fact that this hamilton might just turn out to be a big, bad guy some day.

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watched back to the future for like the 50th time last night & something occurred to me. people on-line wonder why marty's parents didn't recognize him as the guy that helped them get together. well, by the time he started looking like he did at 17 nearly 30 years had gone by & memory plays tricks on you.
lorraine remembers calvin/marty as being like some movie star. taller with wavy dark hair & brilliant blue eyes.
george remembers him as being a bit of nerd. shorter with mousy brown hair and either green or hazel eyes.
sometimes they recognize a gesture or tone of voice of marty's, but just chalk that up to some sort of family resemblance.

marty not only has to deal with change in the town (twin pines mall becoming lone pine mall for example) but changes in his family. his brother dave works in some sort of office & his sister linda works in a boutique. marty's wanting to be a rock star is somewhat of a disappointment, but his parents figure if it makes him happy they'll support him.
and other things like he remembers that the clown that came for his brother's 9th birthday was drunk. but now the event was a magician who's exploding smoke effect scared one of the girls at the party so much that she cried.
marty remembers that the summer he turned 12 the family went on a camping trip & they all got food poisoning from a roadside food stand. but now the event is that they went to disneyland, but it rained most of the time they were there.
even his meeting of jennifer is different. instead of meeting during the first day of high school when the strap of her hand-me-down book-bag broke in front of him, the event is now that they met a week later when she tripped & dropped her lunch tray by his table in the cafeteria.

marty learns very quickly not to bring up past memories beyond the day he came back to his own time. if anyone starts reminiscing he waits to see if it matches with what he recalls before joining in, if it doesn't he kind of nods along & pretends that he remembers the same.
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if pride's middle name of cassius has anything to to with gaius cassius longius does that mean that hamilition, overly ambitious politician, the mayor of new orleans & pride's bête noire, is supposed to be julius caesar?
i know it comes from the character's father, but he had the name first before they had that fact.

the things that come into one's head while trying to sleep.
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there's an internet joke of sorts that the four big actors at this time named chris (evans, hemsworth, pine & pratt) get together to make a movie, directed by christopher nolan. but why stop there?

it should be written & produced by chris columbus with christina ricci, christina hendricks, & christine taylor as the female leads that hold the key to stopping the bad guys.

christopher walken, christopher lambert, & christopher plummer as the bad guys.

and the following have cameos or bit parts;
chris rock, christine baranski, christine lahti, christian slater, chris tucker

ETA: the soundtrack includes songs from christina aguilera, chris martin, & chris daughtry

and at some point someone makes a reference to the Fantastic Four, at which point the camera cuts to evans (who was johnny storm) who makes an annoyed face.
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i saw some stuff about the disney movie atlantis: the lost empire on tumblr & it got me to thinking about some sort of stargate: sg-1/ A:TLE fusion (i think that's the right word) although i'm sure i'm not the first.

daniel as the linguist and cartographer
ba'al as the the leader of the band of mercenaries
vala as his second-in-command
mitchell as the demolitions expert
janet (or maybe dr. lam) as the expedition's doctor
sam as the mechanic
jack as the sarcastic radio operator
hammond (or landry) as an eccentric millionaire who funds the expedition
jonas quin as the expedition's cook
maybourne as the very odd geologist
sha're as the princess of atlantis
kasuf as the king of atlantis
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with ra's al ghul often mentioning that he's lived for over 600 years you could have an animated series called the lives of ra's al ghul. 

most episodes could start with some situation that reminds him of something in the past & the flashback starts with him narrating. maybe the overall series plot could be him searching for some artifact he had but somehow lost or stolen from him. with an occasional appearance by batman.
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so now that small spoiler ) i'd like to update my fan vid ideas list to include one for NCIS: NOLA with the full version of the song used for the cheer's theme. you probably didn't know there was a longer version, did you? well, there is.
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some time ago [ profile] lemonlye had a post about what perfume the greek gods would wear, inspired by a couple of books she wrote & her interest in perfume.

for whatever reason my weird brainTM had some suggestions:

hades--earthy or dirt, incense & embalming herbs
persephone--pomegranate & fresh blooming things like apple blossoms
hermes--something fresh-smelling, like the wind. like white musk & pear
hectate--herbs, possibly woods or bark
dionysos--wine, beeswax candles & maybe dragon's blood resin
aphrodite--honey, musk & maybe roses
poseidon and amphitrite--sea moss or tropical ferns & coral

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or my weird brain strikes again.

i often have crazy ideas for fan vids when i listen to certain songs.
note: all of these are available for “adoption.” credit for the idea (and a link to the finished product) would be nice. also, if you know know of any vids already done like this please let me know in the comments.

specific ideas )

less specific ideas )

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on this post over at [ profile] daytonward he asked for people to suggest what tie-in novel series they'd like to see him write. my wierd brain came up with this:
maybe quantum leap?
and i just thought of this; he leaps into someone who works on the set of star trek: the original series (none of the big name actors, maybe an extra or one of the behind the scenes crew.) i haven’t decided if this is cool or crazy.

but my weird brain wasn't done.
and i just thought of his mission:
lenard nimoy quits the show after the second season (if i recall, this was a possibility in real life) his replacement helps revitalize the program and the show becomes a favorite with the network brass. the series goes on for 5 or 6 years, but is never popular in syndication. incidentally nimoy goes on to have a a fairly successful career as a stage actor and art photographer. the rest of the cast have varying success in-front or behind the camera.
after the success of the star wars movies paramount tries to cash-in on this by putting out a star trek film. it’s lack-luster box office performance & luke-warm reviews derail any possible sequels. therefore; no other movies, no TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT, and just the bantam episode adaptations novels.
so sam must convince nimoy to stay in the role of spock, possibly by giving him hints of the future & how much the show will mean to millions of people.

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suggested by this post over at [personal profile] rydra_wong's and since i'm watching the amazing race, i'm doing that.

since they go to countries on all contents, i'll do one for each.

ETA: these are all from BPAL.

ETA2: i've never tried any of these, i'm just going by descriptions.

around the world )
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in this dream i was watching the long-awaited QL movie. it was on tv, but i don't know if it was tv movie or just being shown on tv. it's wasn't very good. the first part dragged on for a long time. sam had leaped into some guy who wasn't very nice & may have been a criminal. his wife was cheating on him. al wasn't the hologram, it was some guy who looked like he was a history teacher or something. the hand link to ziggy was some big, clunky thing.
the second part had sam leap into the future. but it's the future like they imagined in the 1980s or something, where it's the year 2022 & for some reason everything is is different kinds of white & grey and everyone is dressed in the same kind of clothes. al was the hologram this time & sam's brother was missing. other than that, i don't know what was going on.

i haven't been that disappointed in something i have waited years to see since the star wars prequels. even if it was just something my brain randomly generated.

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i mentioned before about my stargate: sg-1 hat getting a comment, well it happened again. this time i was standing in the check-out line at wal-mart & the guy in line ahead of me pointed at the hat & sai: "hey! i watched that movie years ago." i didn't want to get into how sg-1 is different than the movie, so i just said something like. "oh. ok." and went back to reading my book. (i occasionally carry a book to read while standing in line.)

that book was the first one in the romulan war series (star trek: enterprise) & it had this line: "....the ghosts of old sweat mingled with leather, incense, and the coppery tinge of blood, along with vague notes of freshly turned earth and lilac...." so of course my weird brain thought it might make an interesting BPAL scent.
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in my previous entry i complained about coke putting names on their 20oz bottles as part of their share a coke thing. but today i was secretly amused to find one labeled "daniel." which of course i bought, because i wouldn't mind sharing a coke (among other things) with daniel jackson.
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yesterday i posted imaginary black phoenix alchemy lab (BPAL) scents. in yet another installment of my weird brain, i bring you possible scents named after famous queens.

note: i don't know if these notes will work together, i'm just playing around.

cleopatra might be lotus-golden, (or just lotus) musk-egyptian & almond. [in a perfect world this would layer (is that the term?) with antony, which is an actual scent they have, or the fictional julius caesar i came up with.]

boudicca might be leather, dragon’s blood & oak. (or maybe elm-english)

victoria of england (they already have an unrelated victoria) might be rosewood, black tea & honey.

i hope my brain is done with this now.

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[personal profile] synecdochic's posts on black phoenix alchemy lab (BPAL) has got me thinking: "this is interesting." even though i'm allergic to most perfume/cologne. (although it could just be artificial stuff, but 1. i can't take that chance & 2. the people i spend a lot of time with don't like perfume/cologne)

anyway; i've been thinking about what kind of scents i'd come up with. (further proof, if you need it, of my weird brain)

note: i don't know if the notes (or whatever they are called) will work together, i'm just playing around.

i was thinking there could scents named after well-known roman emperors.
caligula (what does madness smell like anyway?) might be dragon's blood, wine & incense.
nero might be smoke, (a good part of rome burned during his reign), parchment (he considered himself an actor & poet), & cypress.
julius caesar might be leather, steel & grass (he spent a great deal of time out on campaigns).

then (for some reason) i was thinking about the main characters from the amelia peabody series by elizabeth peters;
emerson might be tobacco-pipe (he often smoked one), dusty (or dirty) & musk
amelia might be whiskey (her drink was whiskey & soda), books-old & ivy-english
their son ramses might be beer (or possibly rum), sandalwood & myrrh
their ward nefret might be rose-english, tea & linen

ETA: just found out they did a nero & also an unreleased caligula. both were different than what i came up with.
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[ profile] kradical posted a link to a post were someone made covers of well-known books with just one letter missing from the title. apparently it's twitter thing.
so i decided to go though my long list of books that i've read over the years (limited to a few categories. not everything) to see if i could come up with anything amusing.

star trek novels (all series) )

star wars & quantum leap )

mysteries by braun, brown, douglas, macleod & peters )

bond novels, indinan jones novels, people of the.... (first north americans) & sg:1 novels )

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and a possible plot bunny for anyone who wants it. (also reason #578 why my brain is weird)

i was a princess of some country and i was getting ready for a ball or some sort. the crown that i was wearing was very heavy & i was thinking that i missed the one that we (my brother & i) used to wear as kids; a circlet of silver with some kind of symbol or coat of arms in gold on the front.
i was supposed to marry mitchell (an arranged marriage, i think) but i fell in love with daniel. i vaguely recall a shoulder rub from him because of the heavy crown. mitchell was not happy, but accepted things. later he sold the engagement ring to a guy who was just about to leave for hawaii to propose to his girlfriend.
he was then leaving to go on some sort of tour with his band (WTF?! IDK) with sarah gardner as their manager.

like i said; weird brain.

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i've done nine so far. i'd like to go for ten, but i look at the list and noting really jumps out. i think i might have one or two ideas for a prompt, but can't seem get the brain fired up for more. although if i manage to come up with four, there would be a bookend to my first 5 things which only had four.
there's a good chance that i my have not followed the prompts to the letter for a few of them, but i guess that's what makes these things interesting.

there's still time if you want to do ore or two (or five) the post with the link to the list is over here. all the stargate shows have something, there's het, slash & gen stuff. fill in the blank prompts too. if you've ever wanted to try your hand at one of these, now's the time. i doubt you could do worse than me. lol.

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meTV stared running remington steel from the beginning tonight. (i keep forgetting how thin brosnan was)

that made me think about the post i did about recasting tv roles with a different gender than they were originally. (i kind of went crazy with the of those names. what's happens when you have a baby name book, i guess.

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