Feb. 22nd, 2017 02:35 pm
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in the early part of january my life turned to liquid crap. as a result i lost internet access. i don't know when or if i will be able to get back on-line (i'm doing this from the library) good thoughts/vibes & general well-wishes for an improved situation would be welcome.
i had signed up to renew DW before it all hit the fan, but didn't get a payment in (sorry) it's just as well because i wouldn't be getting any use from it.
and i'm missing festivids too. damn it.

a reminder

Nov. 5th, 2016 04:36 pm
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you need to to that whole fall-back thing tonight.

most computers & electronics should to it on their own, don't forget about an clocks (analog or digital) that you have in your house.

a lot of bboards & forums have a daylight savings option, check your settings to see if  that's an option.
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back in april i posted about the shoes i got just 2 years prior coming apart.  well about a week ago i glued them back together using stuff called goop. and wore them out a few days ago. so far they're holding up, but they apparently don't squeak any more. not so far at least. but they do creak some though.

but now the boots that i got only last year are coming apart. *head desk* i glued the area where the separation is, but now more of  were the sole joins to the main part is separating, so i have to try to fix that.

i know these companies want to make money, but why can't they have stuff that last more than a few (3-4) years? and don't tell me that more expensive shoes last longer, because that's bull. several years ago my brother bought a $70 pair of shoes (on sale from $140) & they only lasted about two years. and he didn't even wear them every day.

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i missed the date but the 23rd was the one-year anniversary of my gallbladder removal. (kept telling myself it's coming soon & then "soon" happened faster than i thought)

things are doing well. i haven't been getting major heartburn or ingestion (the anesthesiologist said that would happen when he asked if i had those problems) but i've had nights where i've eaten too much or the wrong combo of things & thought it might all make a return appearance.

once or twice i've gotten an aching pain in the upper middle part of my gut where i used to have a terrible cramp that was the first sign of what turned out to be gallbladder attacks. so i wonder, if the gallbladder is gone, what is hurting? luckily the pain is mild & doesn't last very long.

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the good news is that i got my history & bookmarks!

the bad news is that when you click on the address bar, it doesn't highlight what's there so you can type something new. you have to do control+A & then type. i don't get search suggestions when typing in the search bar at the top of the window. the font is different & other stuff that annoys me.

i may never guest used to this.

linux mint

Aug. 16th, 2016 06:45 pm
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my brother switched our desktop over from windows-whatever-number to linux mint.
i don't have my bookmarks or search history & it wouldn't except my log-in when we set it up because it was too short. i've had it since we got this computer in like 2004! *sigh* this is going to take some getting used to.
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another year as come & gone. time marches on whether you like it or not.

sorry if that's dreary, but it's too hot to be up-beat. and the locusts are being loud.
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i need new shoes again!

according to this post i got them not quite 2 years ago & now the sole is coming off the right one. even though i had a problem with them squeaking, they worked for me. i paid a good amount for them (even tough they were on sale) & thought i'd get a few more years out of them. this built-in obsolescence stuff is a major load of horse-crap & sucks greatly.

i would throw my shoes in anger, but they'd probably fall apart in midair before they hit anything.

i considered getting them repaired, but i think it would cost almost as much as a new pair. but shoe shopping so frustrating to me that i'm not looking forward to it at all. *cries in anger & annoyance*

a reminder

Oct. 31st, 2015 08:06 pm
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it's that whole fall back with the clocks thing tonight.

most computers, phones & other devices will most likely do it automatically. some bboards have an option for daylight savings time, so check you time setting to see if its an option. if you remembered to check "daylight savings in affect" or something, you probably should uncheck it for your posts to have the correct time.


Oct. 25th, 2015 04:34 pm
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someone at the neighboring farm is shooting at target & it's nerve-jangling.

my dad says it's a .22 rifle, but it sounds like a small cannon.
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for those who don't know this is the date (oct. 21, 2015) that they traveled to in BttF 2, which was thirty years forward from 1985.

several things have made me feel old over the past 8-10 years or so, but this tops them all.

somethings that they had in their version of 2015 actually have happened; picture-in-picture tv, the one guy raising money for the clock tower had a tablet, using a thumbprint as an identifier/payment system is kind of similar to the fingerprint locks & "tap to pay" thing they have with credit cards now, 3-d movies were pretty big for awhile & the cubs will most likely not win the world series, but they're closer than they have been in years.

and then there's this comment about it all. found via [profile] captainofthenx02 

ETA: i just realized that doc brown is probably responsible for steampunk. someone saw his flying train engine/coal car from BttF 3 during one of his time-traveling adventures with it & was inspired.

ETA2: has a 10-21-15 roundup which includes the video version of that gif set.  (i feel that i must point out that that hat worn in the GTA5 recreation is from the second movie, not the first.)

ETA3: back to the future on jimmy kimmel


Sep. 8th, 2015 09:18 pm
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in an earlier post i talked about my medical woes, well today was the follow-up with the surgeon's physician's assistant. (a different one than i saw in the hospital. both were women, so yay for women in medicine!) and it's good news! i'm pretty much healed up. and don't have any other problems with the incisions, except for some "twinges" but i haven't had those for a few days.
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since july of 2008 i've been having attacks of what i thought was divertivulitis, but early in the morning of aug 23 i found out that it's my gallbladder that hates me and had to be removed. plus an anxiety episode decided to join in the fun.

after a big attack of this issue in feb. which i though i "fixed" by doing the recommended liquid diet followed by soft foods but at the end of july it happened again. so i tried the fix again but the first day back on more solid foods (aug. 16) gave me issues so i went back to liquids & soft foods. they tried solid food and on aug. 19, 20 & 21 did fine. had pizza on 22 and just after midnight on the 23 is when it all went downhill.

TMI & medical talk follows this point.
the long story here )
so that's my first big medical thing (not counting wisdom teeth removal.) and i keep thinking about sid, who went in for a surgery, seemed fine then passed away. i know this is a different thing than she had, but my brain refuses to be rational.
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a few years ago i wrote a post about how things in the area i live in are being built. well now there's more.

we got a hobby lobby & a dick's sporting goods place.
a hilton garden inn is about completed & a holiday inn express is under construction. the old holiday inn was bought out by another hotel chain.
there's a five guys burger place about to open soon.
a cato's clothing place (something i never heard of) opened her not long ago,
one of the local convenience stores (one that's part of a chain) is building a new location across the street from the old one. it's supposed to have places to sit & eat as well as a drive-trough window.
lidl (a german discount grocery chain similar to aldi) is branching out into the U.S. and they're currently in talks with the local government about building one where the old wal-mart was.

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....but for over a year i could not log-in to live journal with my blogspot openID. so after a few days of trying it, i used my dreamwidth openID and that worked.
a couple of times a month i tried the blogspot one, but no go despite "allowing" all kinds of stuff that no script (some kind of ad blocker or something) blocks. i tried again today, and it worked!
i don't know how long it will last, but now i can see the friends only entries that i'm allowed to see.
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see an earlier entry for more details.

well, i finally got some boots that i can live with. they are a bit larger that i usually wear (because they're a men's medium width & apparently even in men's shoes i have wide feet <_< ) but if i lace them all the way up to the last row of eyelet/loop things they fit good enough.

this particular shopping trip was complicated by the fact that my dad was along looking for shoes for himself. we got his first, then mine (both of which seemed to take forever) & afterwards i said to him: "i hate shoe shopping, and now you know why." to which he responded: "i'm not too fond of it either."

however, because some sort of shopper rewards points, plus the small sale that was going on & a rebate card from something bought earlier, we saved about $38!  \o/

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as i mentioned in an earlier post, my boots are coming apart. so, yesterday i took them into the leather/boot repair place & the guy said that they could be repaired witha piece of leather over the seam, but then they'd no longer be waterproof. so much for that.

so now begins the saga of me searching for boots that meet the requirements of being: 1. waterproof, 2. comfortable/fitting well & 3. more like work or hiking boots, not "fashion" boots.

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that tonight is when we do the whole "spring forward" thing. so you need to move all time pieces one hour forward.
most modern thing, phones, computers, etc. do it automatically. some bboards have a thing to check if daylight savings in in effect, so check you settings to seer if you do.

and we get to do this in reverse in november. joy.

R.I.P Sid

Jan. 21st, 2015 08:22 pm
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found out via [personal profile] ivorygates that [personal profile] sid as passed way.

i didn't know her as well as some of you did, but i enjoyed reading her journal back when i was an anonymous commenter on LJ & she was one of the first journals i subscribed to/friend-ed when i started here at DW. words are always inadequate at a time like this and mine are failing me. so i'll just end with: rest in peace sid, i hope the afterlife is filled with your favorite things.
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today my dad decided he wanted some chicken noodle soup. so he opened a can, dumped it on a bowl & put it in the microwave to heat up. as it started up (i was there talking to him about something) a strange grinding/crackling noise could be heard, followed by gray smoke coming out from the bottom of the machine. i squawked: "THERE'S SMOKE!! TURN IT OFF!!" the motor bit the dust, as far as we can tell. (it was just a matter of time, the thing was bought in the early 1990s) my dad & i hauled it outside after things cleared up because of the smell of the smoke. (monday thing #1)

dad went on to make the soup in a pot on the stove & when he went to pick up the bag of oyster crackers, it split down the side & dad had to put the extra in another bowl (monday thing #2)

this afternoon we checked out replacements at target, sear & lowes. and found one at target that we liked. a nice large (2.2 cu. ft.) one. the old one was huge (probably closer to 3.0 cu. ft.) and, if i recall from the manual, could cook a good sized ham or turkey. not that we ever did. we probably should have waited until tomorrow to get it, since it was still monday & all.

when my brother got home he found a scratch on the back of his left leg that he didn't recall getting. it's over an inch long, but not too bad as far as scratches go. (mondy thing #3)

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