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my brother & i just got done with a re-watch of 4 seasons of ghost adventures (netflix streaming doesn't have season 5) and my brother mentioned something about a drinking game. that got my brain working on the subject. i googled to see what there was out there & there's only a few basic things.

as with other drinking games, this can be done with non-alcoholic beverages or small candies or nuts as well.

if you just went with the first group, during some episodes you'd be wasted half-way though.

drink 1 if....
EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) are explained
someone swears
one of the guys says “dude” “no joke”or “bro”
a captured voice is described as “eerie” or “creepy”
someone mentions a bad feeling, being drained, having goosebumps or feeling cold.
someone mentions being touched, hit, pushed, scratched or breathed on.

drink 2 if....
they use equipment other than digital recorders, EMF detectors or cameras with night vision
“trigger objects” are used
someone talks about a “dark” or “shadow” figure, shape or person
an expert analyzes footage or EVPs at the end
arron is left as “bait” somewhere
some kind of “orb” is spotted
a strange growl is heard
they turn off night vision to show just how dark it is

drink 3 if....
zak removes or lifts his shirt
the guys are shown in their van
zak wears a hat or a cap
zak gets really excited over an paranormal event
a warning pops up on screen related to something zak is doing
one of the guys suggest that they are being led somewhere
zak mentions one of his phobias (heights, snakes or creepy dolls)

the icon is the most appropriate one i have, i think.

Ghost Adventures Drinking Game

Date: Feb. 8th, 2013 06:29 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
How many drinks do we take every time Aaron's eyes get real big and he says "Whoa, Dude..." ~LOL~ And you're right: they DO use him as bait fairly regularly. I just love Aaron.

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