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these are the links of some sites that i think are interesting, along with a brief explanation of what the site is about. updated 02-15-12

the five things LJ site home of the stargate five things

where's george? a site that tracks paper money by you putting in the denomination, serial number & your zip code. it's free, easy & fun. (as they say)

edward r. hamilton a discount book company

mpm books official site of elizabeth peters, author of the amelia peabody mystery series

make a snowflake just a site to make snowflakes liek the paper ones in school. i've done several.

the stargate wiki info database for the stargate univerese

memory alpha the star trek wiki

overstock clothes, shoes, furniture, books, etc. at a discount

the literacy site one click per day to provide kids in need with books (also as places for breast cancer, animal rescue, child health, saving the rain forest & feeding the hungry too. now they added one to help veterans & now one help kids with autism)

cake wrecks cake decorating disasters (with the occasional delight)

user bars those skinny, little things in people's signatures that show that they are a fan of someone/thing

user bar animator for when you have too many userbars that you want to use

rdanderson richard dean anderson's official site

michaelshanks-online his official site

the movie spoiler for when you don't want to watch a movie, but still want to know how it ends 

star wars weather put in a city & it compares the weather there to a star wars planet

scandinavia & the world a comic with countries as people. by humon at deviant art're a cartoonist? a comic about the life of a cartoonist. by tom preston on deviant art.

stupidfox. a comic about a fox in the woods. by e.y. chan

booksfree like netflix for books. they have kids books as well as audio books.

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