Feb. 17th, 2016

archersangel: (weird quiet girl)
there's an internet joke of sorts that the four big actors at this time named chris (evans, hemsworth, pine & pratt) get together to make a movie, directed by christopher nolan. but why stop there?

it should be written & produced by chris columbus with christina ricci, christina hendricks, & christine taylor as the female leads that hold the key to stopping the bad guys.

christopher walken, christopher lambert, & christopher plummer as the bad guys.

and the following have cameos or bit parts;
chris rock, christine baranski, christine lahti, christian slater, chris tucker

ETA: the soundtrack includes songs from christina aguilera, chris martin, & chris daughtry

and at some point someone makes a reference to the Fantastic Four, at which point the camera cuts to evans (who was johnny storm) who makes an annoyed face.

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