Feb. 7th, 2016

archersangel: (weird quiet girl)
i saw some stuff about the disney movie atlantis: the lost empire on tumblr & it got me to thinking about some sort of stargate: sg-1/ A:TLE fusion (i think that's the right word) although i'm sure i'm not the first.

daniel as the linguist and cartographer
ba'al as the the leader of the band of mercenaries
vala as his second-in-command
mitchell as the demolitions expert
janet (or maybe dr. lam) as the expedition's doctor
sam as the mechanic
jack as the sarcastic radio operator
hammond (or landry) as an eccentric millionaire who funds the expedition
jonas quin as the expedition's cook
maybourne as the very odd geologist
sha're as the princess of atlantis
kasuf as the king of atlantis

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