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Jul. 15th, 2015 10:20 pm
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thanks to[personal profile] zats_clear  i now have a dreamwidth journal! may you always have pictures to caption & the inspiration to caption them. (to explain: she used to post screnecaps of SG-1 episodes with captions)

about me & this blog )

about the avatars/icons )

is it your birthday? if it is, i've most likely forgot it. sorry. if you or someone has made an entry on it i'll express my wishes for a good day there. if not, here they are now!
happy birthday, joyeux anniversaire, buon compleanno, plurimos annos, feliz aniversário, feliz cumpleaños, С Днем Рождения, födelsedagen, breithlá sona. that should cover it

also some links that i find interesting

fiction books that i like
nonfiction books i recommend
star trek books that i like
books that i do not recommend
links for writers of fan fiction & original fic.

book meme

Jan. 20th, 2019 07:28 pm
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found via [personal profile] sara

Italic = read it. Underlined = not this, but something by the same author. Strikethrough = did not finish.

to save myself another headache (having looked through them at the OP's blog) i've only read the crystal cave by mary stewart (and the others in that series).
i've read other things by vonda n. mcintyre & diane duane (star trek novels & in mcintyre's case, a star wars novel).
i don't recognize any other names or titles.

enough titles for a small library )
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spoilers )

and does all of this death stuff have to do with the fact that the creator/executive producer gary glasberg passed away in 2016 and d'wayne swear, technical advisor & inspiration for pride as well as the series in general, passed last year?

friday 5

Jan. 18th, 2019 08:20 pm
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1. Do you remember when you were first addressed as sir or ma'am?
2. Do you remember when you first realized the difference between being childish and childlike?
3. Do you remember the first time you realized you were more adult than child?
4. Do you remember your first taste of major independence?
5. Do you remember what you bought with your first paycheck?

the answer to all of those is no.

find out what other people said over here.

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apparently dreamwidth has the reputation (among the tumblr refugees?) that it is for serious posts onlyTM so [personal profile] sara (found via [personal profile] cupcake_goth) has a suggestion;
Since I have suggested it twice in comments and people seem to like the idea, I now propose it formally, a solution to two experiences we might like not to have: one, February, when it rains, or is excessively hot, or is in some other way invariably unsatisfactory! a month from which we would like to be distracted until circumstances improve! and two, this illusion that DREAMWIDTH IS FOR SERIOUS, which...no, I am here to assure you that we have been entirely full of shit on this website since the dawn of same

more on this can be found here. there's even a list of topics, if you need inspiration.

and if you need more things to frivolously post about check our my tags of meme thing movie meme trek meme & tv meme

ETA: there is a topic randomizer thing where it can give you a A vs. B kind of thing.
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any, any, binge watching )

not related to the 3-sentenct thing, which has it's own, [personal profile] havocthecat is having a (all the) stargate friending meme. so if you're a fan of SG in any form (orgional movie, SG-1 SGA, SGU, the web series or even the animated thing) you can go, fill out the detailed questionnaire & see if you get anyone new to subscribe to you.

i participated in the last 3-sentence friending thing & no one subscribed. but i'm very tempted to do this one.

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description from amazon:
One Thousand White Women is the story of May Dodd and a colorful assembly of pioneer women who, under the auspices of the U.S. government, travel to the western prairies in 1875 to intermarry among the Cheyenne Indians. The covert and controversial "Brides for Indians" program, launched by the administration of Ulysses S. Grant, is intended to help assimilate the Indians into the white man's world. Toward that end May and her friends embark upon the adventure of their lifetime.

a brief note before the blurb on the back says it;s inspired by a true event, but that is not, i repeat, not true. it is, however, based on a true suggestion if you will.

in 1854 at a peace conference at ft. laramie in wyoming a northern cheyenne chief requested of the u.s. army authorities 1,000 white women as brides for his young warriors. because in their society, children belong to their mother's tribe, he reasoned that this would be an easier way to assimilate into the white man's world. of course the white authorities didn't go for it, the conference collapsed & the cheyenne went home & the white women never came.

it novel is about what if they did. set nearly 20 years later when the u.s. government was really pushing the native tribes into smaller & smaller areas it's from the point of view of one of the women, who volunteered for the program to get out of a lunatic asylum where her rich father sent her for the "crime" of  living with a man she was not marred to & beneath her station.

it's not a bad book, but it's not a good one either. the sex scenes were not nearly as interesting as they could've been. and the N-word it tossed around too often for my taste.  i understand that was part of the language at the time, but there have to be better alternatives.
it might be OK for reading on a plane or at the beach or something.

while looking up the description on amazon for this i found out there is a a sequel about events after this novel from the POV other other women. it doesn't look like something i'm interested in.

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Greek myth, any, there's nothing I can do when she cries for you in her sleep )

to go with the firearms database in my links for the writer post there is also an automobile database. if you want to know what car the main character(s) has or the bad guy(s) or even a random thug, this will let you know. unfortunately, it will also let you know what every car they pass in the street (both parked & moving) is.
but at least i learned that pride drives a 1966 cadillac deville convertible. they don't have the car he had in the pilot or the early episodes though.

ETA: further investigation on the NCIS page shows a 1970 cadillac coupe deville in a similar color that could be his in S11 E18 which was part 1 of 2 for the backdoor pilot. or maybe they're just different enough that my brain thinks he had some other car.

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Any fandom, any, unusual book titles )

don't forget you can do stuff until jan. 31
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since the original thread is nearing the DW comment limit, there is now a part 2.

you can still reply to prompts in the first post, but ALL NEW PROMPTS should be posted in the second one.

this particular 3-sentence fic-a-thon will continue until jan., 31, 2019

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[tumblr.com profile] amymebberson who does the pocket princess comic (what happens when some disney princess live together) says in part:
Due to Tumblr’s recent misguided policy change and catastrophically-flawed flagging algorithm, I will no longer be posting any further art content to this account. This includes new Pocket Princesses.

My existing archive of art stretching back years will remain up and rebloggable to those who are sticking around, but I will no longer support this site with any new personal creative content.

she will still have them on [facebook.com profile] pocketprincesses and [instagram.com profile] amymebberson (and she is looking to leave FB at some point) so i will have to remember to look there.
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the current 3-sentence fic-a-thon is over 3,600 comments!

so [personal profile] rthstewart posted an update with more FAQs.

there is also a friending thing going on. i posted in the last one & no one friended me. *sigh*

i went through my 3-sentence fic tag to re-read my stuff & I've been participating in these, both this one & [livejournal.com profile] caramelsilver's since 2013!

and looking at the relevant tag on both of their blogs this has been going on in some form since 2010.
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i remembered the other night that [livejournal.com profile] caramelsilver usually does one this time of year. so i checked their LJ & they're not doing one. so i looked at [personal profile] rthstewart's and they are!

it's open until open until january 31, 2019, so you still have time to participate.

there is an FAQ in the post where the fic-a-thon is going on. i've been doing these for a few yeas now & it great! i like it better than festivids because i get to join in on the fun.

ETA: found one to do.

Star Trek DS9, Garak, not enough space )
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1. Do you enjoy receiving books as holiday or birthday gifts?
i only got one once. my mom got me a nice edition of little women for christmas one year. it has sadly been lost in the shuffle of life.

2. What book are you reading (or, what is the last book you read)?
the life of elizabeth I by alison weir.

3. Are you enjoying (or, did you enjoy) that book? Why or why not?
it's ok. not as interesting as most of the other ones by weir.

4. About how many books do you read in an average year?

5. What are some of the books on your to-read pile (or list)?
without looking at the googel document; the rest of the roma sub rosa series by steven saylor, the princess diarists by carrie fisher, a couple of the mrs. murphy mysteries by rita mae brown & a bunch of books about US presidents.
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spoilers abound )

this series is starting to drag a little, but i'll keep watching because i'm a glutton for scott bakula punishment.

ETA: and this was the fall/winter finale, so there won't be a new one until after the new year.

and the ratings are going up & down like some kind of roller coaster.

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more links of note from [personal profile] conuly including icons, layouts & possible places to find friends.

and the dreamwidth FAQs
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not sure when i started noticing all of the women carrying designer bags around here, but now i notice them when i go out.

i mostly seen them at the local wal-mart (because that's where i get food every week) but also the few times i go to the mall.

it's mostly coach bags, wallets & wristlets (noticed my first coach backpack a few days ago). along with michael kors (either with the MK log plastered all over or the more subtle MK tag-thing. a few louis vuitton with the standard LV design or the small checkerboard pattern. one small prada purse. and what appear to be one or two gucci bags (or they're possibly a similar pattern just different enough not to violate the law).

so either 1. people around here have more money than i thought. 2. most of these come from consignment shops or discount places (a tj maxx opened here a few years ago) 3. women are giving up coffee & manicures for awhile to save money for this stuff. or 4. some of these are not the real thing.

and the odd thing is (well maybe not odd) that when i went to another town about 12 miles away to see what their wal-mart had (sometimes there's different food) i didn't see one designer bag. maybe i wasn't paying attention like i normally do or the ones that have them just weren't there at that time.

and while looking at pictures of these things on eby & shopgoodwill (time waster to say the least) i noticed that while often the outside is nice the inside has a God awful color and/or pattern. ETA: and that goes double for vera bradley bags that are often eye-cossingly God awful inside and out.
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i was at hogwarts (i think) in some room or other. harry had given luna some sort of box (more of a wooden display case to put on a table) to keep this pocket watch-like thing in that she had gotten from someone.

well the two man shaped charms on the watch chain didn't like the box & didn't think luna deserved the pocket watch-like thing and ran off with it.

that was bad enough, but they also took $200,000 (i don't they don't use dollars in the UK, but that's what my brain understands so it put that out) that she had hidden inside the box. i think it was for some sort of dumbledore's army thing.

i was really upset, not just because of the money, but & had scrimped and saved for months to donate $1,000 to the cause. i remember crying that i practically starved just to save a few knuts (i was proud that i had pulled the word out of nowhere). but in the dream i called them copper knuts, but they're really bronze.

this is the first time that i can remember dreaming about harry potter. i mean, it's possible that i did before, but if it's true that you dream 3 times per night & it's been about 16 years since i've seen the first movie. well, you do the math on the possible number of dreams i could've had. it's unlikely that i could recall any HP dreams id i did have any before.

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